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Oct 28
This is a great article that shows how research has confirmed some of the health benefits of goji juice
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Goji’s Health Benefits Confirmed by Research
This little berry can improve your outlook.


For 2,500 years, the goji berry has been thought to have medicinal properties—most notably, improved vision and kidney and liver function. This nutrient-dense, chewy red little berry has gained popularity recently for its incredible health benefits. Goji berry juices, bars and supplements have become wildly popular among health and nutrition aficionados. Now, a clinical trial confirms the goji berry health connection.

After consuming 120 mL of goji berry juice—equivalent to 150 g of fresh gojis—daily for two weeks, 50% of the subjects experienced significant increases in athletic performance, sleep quality, mental focus and calmness. In addition, nearly 60% of those drinking goji juice reported feelings of good health, contentment, and happiness. (Amagase H, Nance D. Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, 2008, 14(4): 403-412. DOI: 10.1089/acm.2008.0004.)


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Oct 23

The best quality and most nutritious small red Goji berries are found in the Asian regions of China, and Himalayas of Tibet. The most frequently used names of Goji Berries are Tibetan Goji and Himalayan Goji, Wolfberry and Chinese berries. The size of Goji Berry plants is subject to the geographical location they grow into. In some regions they are taller with a size of 1-3 m high while in some areas they are relatively shorter. These plants produce orange reddish berries with seeds in them. The number of seed is dependent upon the size of the berries. The best season for Goji Berries is July to October.

Himalayan Goji berry and Chinese Goji berry are often used interchangeably. They do carry similar health properties but absolutely different in tastes and size. Chinese berries are small in size with a bitter taste while Himalayans are lager and sweeter. Another common name is Goji Berry and widely used in English language. Whatever the name Goji berries have, they all share equal health and nutritious properties. Goji berries are highly antioxidant and can be used in treatment of various diseases.

Himalayan Goji berries are not available in their raw fresh form in regions other than where they are cultivated and they are mostly used in form of Drink, Powder and dried berries. Himalayan Goji juice is the broadly used form of Goji food. It has been widely used in China for Medical purposes. Himalayan Drink can be used for the treatment of liver, lungs and kidneys and some skin disorders. Himalayan Juice contains a significant amount of antioxidant especially Carotenoids and Zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin antioxidant is very important for eye sight as it prevents the retina of eye. Himalayan juice is frequently taken by people over 65 to lower the risk of blindness and eye sight loss.

Other well known Goji juice benefits are; it delays the aging effects on human body, improves the immune system. Goji berry drink fights well against cancer, lowers the cholesterol level and can be used for the treatment of Hepatitis-B. Himalayan Juice is also taken as supplementary and reduces the weight. Some pregnant women may feel sickness especially in morning; Himalayan drink can be taken to overcome the sickness.

A pure Himalayan drink contains 8 most essential amino acid, 12 minerals and some fatty acids. Himalayan juice also has Vitamin C, Vitamin E and acts as anti bacterial.  You can enjoy the Goji berries in their raw form; can be taken with tea or in form of liquid or juice.

Where to buy the Himalayan Goji Juice? Goji juice can be found on herbal medicines shop, on health food stores and on online web stores. Whatever is the source of your Himalayan drink, while buying you have to make sure that you buy reliable Goji juice product with no sugar, no artificial color and flavors. Himalayan Goji berry juice has no risk of overdose and can be taken on daily basis as a part of your diet as a health beverage.

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Oct 08

It is true to say that a calorie controlled diet is not necessarily a healthy one just as eating everything available isn’t either! You probably know someone who is quite happy to eat other people’s leftovers and always has seconds! There is no getting away from it most of us enjoy food that is sweet and high in sugar. Lots of people do this so you are not on your own but they don’t even consider for a moment how a health supplement will help them.

If that sounds like you I would warn against such behavior that can have such a detrimental effect on your long term health. Perhaps it’s time you started thinking about looking after yourself with some health supplements or goji juice. Before you say no, just think about the benefits these supplements can bring to your long term health and happiness. If you think like many other people that they don’t taste too good without even trying them, then you’d be wrong.

Goji juice is a great way to supplement your diet — and it tastes great too.

Perhaps it is better to try something before you decide you don’t like it. Besides, the ones I’m referring to are the very pleasant health supplements that are flavored with chocolate, vanilla and banana for instance. I have been taking some form of food supplement for years now including a good multivitamin that contains more essential vitamins than I can remember. I think every human being should consume a daily vitamin, it’s very simply to do and it only takes a split second because you can take one with your meal each day.

I also use another great health supplement called whey protein shakes and goji juice, but I only started drinking those only fairly recently. These drinks are absolute powerhouses of protein; it’s quite amazing really when you think about it. The best thing about it is you can drink it at almost anytime although I enjoy mine around lunchtime. The other great thing is it will add about 30 grams of protein to your muscles which should help with your new found health care regime.

The thing about new-age health supplements is that they’re really geared to give you all the good stuff and keep out the bad. So things like salt, sugar, cholesterol and saturated fat to name a few, which we already get too much of, aren’t in them. I would suggest you have a look on the internet to see what health supplements are on offer, try them for a while and just see how good you feel.

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