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Nov 24

I’m just curious what every day drinkers of Goji juice say about the drink and if they take anything else. Thanks.

“It’s very easy to write for some one that I have been taking Goji juice and I got these and these health benefits. This is very much true that Goji is full of antioxidants; contains 10 other amino acids which are essential for the life, it provide 500Vitamin C  times more then oranges. Goji also contains Betaine element, which is used by liver to produce choline; choline is a compound used to calm our nerves, improve memory and to protect against fatty liver diseases. Goji also helps to kill cancer cells. This is all what we hear and read about Goji.

I am placing some links of Journals and Magazines in which articles about Acai have been published… you can find those articles on http://www.gojihealthstories.com/research.htm.

Goji also appeared on Media…check it out at http://www.gojihealthstories.com/mediasave.htm…”

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Nov 21

I have a friend that drinks goji juice and she has broken out in a bad skin rash up the inside of her arms and down the backside of her legs. She is going to go to a doctor, to try and find the cause. Right now she is thinking that it probably is the Goji juice. Just wondering if anyone knows of bad side effects.

“Well you friends may be allergic to any content of Goji juice. One way to find out is to stop drinking it for few days and see what happens, if she feels ok, then it means, yes Goji juice causes her bad skin rash. Then she should try again and if same bad skin rash happens then Goji juice is not for her, she should stop taking it.

On the whole Goji juice has some common side effects like diarrhea, cramps, nausea, and regular or over dosage of Goji juice can lead to serious birth complications to the pregnant women.

Goji juice has no dangerous side effects and can be consumed a health friendly drink.”

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Nov 19

I am going to place some of the outcomes derived from researches done on Goji berry in terms of Vitamins, nutrients and fibers it provides and how this little berry can be used to cure hypertension or Depression. Goji berry provides you highest amount of antioxidants i.e. 5 times more than any other fruit found on earth. It is a good for people who are looking for higher antioxidants fruit.

Though Goji Juice provides only 32% of dietary fibers that your body demands to meet, which is unexpectedly a lower percentage; however Goji is the leader in providing Vitamin C Antioxidant (11%) which is highest among the fruits. Goji gives you higher amounts of Phenolics, Carotenoids and Zeaxanthin when compare to Acai. Goji berry is full of protein as it provides 23% of the total protein you need. Goji berry provided you highest amount of other nutrients like Iron, Potassium and Amino Acids.

Depression has become a very common disease these days; and medical treat of depression has many side effects on your health like fainting, dry mouth, headache, High cholesterol, low white blood cell, High blood pressure and thoughts of suicide. Goji berry not only help you to save money that you spent on so-called hypertension medicine but also cures your disease. It can correct the genetic imbalances that cause the disease. It can be a good addition to your poor diet which develops depression. It also improves your sleeping habits.

Goji berry is also named as happy berry and its consumption gives you a feeling of happiness and less stressed. Its benefits can be observed if you intake a balanced quantity of Goji berries on daily basis.

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Nov 18

I have heard a lot of benefits of Goji juice… m pregnant and m taking prenatal vitamins bt my mother in law gave me Goji juice as a supplement as well. it is safe? Or wouldn’t it cause toxicity if m also taking prenatal vitamins?

“Well, there are no side effects if you consume Goji juice during your pregnancy. Goji juice core nutrient is Vitamin C and there should not be any problem to take this juice while pregnant. Goji juice is basically just a high vitamin C fruit juice. The only factor that might be a consideration would be the natural sugar content, but that would be the same consideration with consuming most any form of fruit juice. The concentrated amounts of sugar are not great for the body and this is one reason that many health food experts advise others to avoid regular consumption of fruit juices.

The regular consumption or or over dose of Goji is not favorable for pregnant women; this is because of the fact that Goji contains Selenium and high consumption of selenium through Goji juice may lead to some birth complications. However balanced dose of Goji juice helps the pregnant women to avoid morning sickness. Goji juice is rich in antioxidants and can be taken after pregnancy to reduce post pregnancy weight.”

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Nov 17

It is a Himalayans Berry Juice that has lots of health benefits. Does anyone here drink Goji Juice? It is safe to drink for those children that have heart disease? I have heard it is fabulous but havent tried it. That stuff is expensive!

“The Himalayan Goji berry fruit is very good for health; it has been used for medical purpose for over a long period of time. Himalayan Goji juice is richest in nutrients and antioxidants. Goji berry fruit is included into the list of superfoods and have billion dollar market. Goji berry products are famous in the market by two names by Himalayan Goji berry and Tibetan Goji berry; it is because of the fact that Himalaya and Tibet are two places where world top class Goji berries are found. Like Acai berries, Goji berries are never found in fresh form, they are dried and exported where they are used to manufacture different Goji product like Goji juice.

There many Goji juice products in the market right now, but hardly anyone theses come with all the nutrients offered by the raw Goji. Most of the Goji juice manufacturers claim that their product is made by using the pure Himalayan Goji fruit, which is not true most of the time. The excessive or regular intake of Goji juice many cause some internal bleeding in some elderly women. Goji juices do need to have some substance at a certain level which is likely below the toxics.

Goji Juice can be given to Childerns; they must be habitual of taking 2 to 4 ounces of high quality standardized Goji juice daily with meals or before exercise or play activities. It makes their bones stronger and gives energy.

Goji juice is good for heart patients as well and it also aids in lowering high blood pressure.”

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Nov 13

Goji Berry is a small food and best type of Goji fruit is harvested in India, China and Nepal. The Himalayan weather is most suitable for the production of Goji fruit; that’s why Himalayan Goji berry fruit is considered one of the best quality Goji fruit. Goji fruit is used for the medication purposes. It helps the boy to quickly recover from injuries and maintain it to function properly. It regulates the energy level inside your body and believed to be a great food for long living. Goji contains about 19 Amino Acids, 21 minerals and some important nutrients like Sitosterol and fatty acids. Goji juice also provides you with significant amount of Vitamin B, C and E. Goji contain fewer carbohydrates.
Goji juice is very helpful for old aged people because it develops new cells inside the human body and enhances the immune system as well. It comes with good level of energy as well.  So if you trust you are having a chance to get a good Goji juice… doesn’t wait and go for it…

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