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Dec 30

Goji berries are known to be a native fruit from China and Tibet; the people from these two areas have been using Goji berries for health purposes for a longer period of time. According to a research the most number of long lived people is found in China and Tibet compared to any other country in the world. Chinese and Tibetans give credit of their longetivity to the Goji berries. Goji berries grown in China are known as Himalayan Goji berries, while Goji grown in  Tibet are known as Tibetan Goji berries.

Tibetans use the Goji berries either by dissolving them into the water or just eat the fresh Goji berries. Tibetans Goji berries are one of the superfruits found on this planet. These berries are full of nutrients and packed with many health benefits.

Some of these benefits of Tibetan Goji Berries are;

They contribute towards the longetivity by performing positive activities against aging. They slow down the aging process or prevent the premature aging.

Tibetan Goji Berries help people to build up a strong resistance system against infections and diseases by improving their immune system.

Tibetan Goji Berries also leave positive effects on our nerve system, they improve our concentration, memory and even to some extent help people suffering from Alzheimer.

Goji Berries from Tibet also improve the overall blood circulation system in our body. aThis is because Goji berries have anti -coagulant properties.

Tibetan Goji Berries are also rich in minerals and have highest level of antioxidants, and fatty acids, all these nutrients make Goji berry to help people to cure many of their common diseases just like blood pressure and Cholesterol.

It is not an easy task for common public to have access to fresh and raw Goji berries outside their native area, so the best choice available with them is in some other forms like Goji Juice or dries Goji berries.

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Dec 05

I am a health conscious person and there has been a lot about Goji these days that it does this, it does that… can someone tell me if I can buy Organic Goji products somewhere? Thanks for your help…

“Ah ha… this is really an interesting question… believe me if some tries to tell you that you can buy organic Goji products from this store or from this site then they are the one who are trying to sell their own so called organic Goji products. This is because of the fact that a major part of Goji berry production is in china and some in Tibet and India… There has been strong evidences that both China and Tiber use herbicides and pesticides to control infestations especially when Goji farmers grow Goji crop in mass for the market. Chinese farmers claim that they use pesticides and chemicals below the detectable limit that makes them to obtain a “Green Food” Status for their Goji berries rather than organic. Till this writing no Goji Farmer or Goji product manufacturer has provided any authentic evidence regarding their claim of Organic Goji.”

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Dec 01

I know some people who sell Goji berry juice and they claim it can cure practically any disease from baldness to cancer. Have you ever heard of it and do you think it really works?

“Well this is a fact that Goji berry is new to our world but it has been used by people in China and Tibet and Indian for medical purposes for more than 6000 years. Goji berries are rich in antioxidants. They use Goji berries to gain many health benefits like; to protect liver, to improve their eyesight especially over 65yrs on age, improve sexual and fertility functions, Goji strengthens their legs, boosts the immune system and improves the blood circulation and increases the chances of longevity. These are some common health benefits but the unfair Goji juice manufacturer claim that Goji berry can cure a long list of diseases but this is not true as only few Goji berry health benefits are proven. A good news is that some cancer patients showed some health improvement when they were given Goji. it is also observed that to some extent Goji can prevents the development of cancer cells, lowers the blood glucose and lowers the cholesterol level but there is no guarantee that these same benefits can also be gained by Goji Products like Goji Juice, Goji tea or bla bla bla… plus there is barely any study about the side effects of Goji so you better need to obtain some good words from your medical consultant or any food expert… Then there is possibility that Goji may work well for you…”

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