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Jan 29

Goji berries are in the health food market due to its high nutritional value and the health benefits associated with these nutrients.

The main benefit from Goji juice are antioxidants; these antioxidants are proved effective for longevity and better eye vision. Antioxidants from Goji juice like other antioxidants kill the free radicals, improve the skin and good for anti-aging activities.

Other important nutrient from Goji juice is linoleum acid; this acids increases the fat loss in body and it is fifteen times more nutritional than spinach.

Goji juice contains polysaccharides, important for enhanced immune system and has good anti-inflammatory properties.

A good Goji berry juice has good amount of fats, minerals and a daily intake of Goji juice supports the body with sufficient quantity of these fats and minerals; it also contains a series of vitamins like vitamins B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Goji juice is good in carotene; which if required is converted into Vitamin A inside body; Goji juice has more carotene than we found in carrots.

There is no doubt that Goji berry juice is full of nutritional value that make it a perfect choice for a good health, however there are no sufficient lab studies that it can be used to cure certain diseases. You can consume Goji juice to improve overall health.

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Jan 27

Goji juice made from Himalayan Goji berries is moving towards another important part of people who are finding it difficult to get rid of extra fats they have put onto their bodies. A new discovery about Goji berry juice is its abilities to contribute towards a successful weight loss program. Goji berry juice becomes really important for consumers who do not have required energy level or cannot control their eating sweetie food items.

Goji berry juice contains the lowest level of sugar or glucose among other health juices and it has good appetite properties. Goji juice promotes muscles which burn more fats and, it also promotes metabolic system which prevents the weight gaining.

Vitamin B1 found in Goji juice converts the carbohydrates into energy which ultimately can increase the exercise stamina; while calcium content of Goji juice lower fats level in human bodies. Goji berry juice also stops weight gaining by reducing stress which is also a main cause of fats development.

Goji berry can be found online with many health stores plus on different health food or grocery stores. Goji juice is also available in blend with other juices like Acai Goji juice or other fruit juices.

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Jan 23

Until now when I am writing this blog may be most us we know about the Goji berry in liquid form as a Goji juice, but today I got a new Liquid Goji product under the name of Goji Splash Juice. A Goji Splash juice is like a mixed fruit juice made up of several juices however central ingredient remains the Goji berry juice. Goji splash juice like a pure Goji juice may not be so nutritious however still it can provide good health benefits. Goji splash juice is mostly in concentrated form and a solid reason for the manufactures to go for splash version of Goji juice is that Goji juice itself is sour in taste that’s why they add other juices like apple or grapes juice to give it’s a smooth or sweet taste.

Splash version of Goji juice though mixes with other juice contains good amount of vitamins ( even 500 times more Vitamin C then oranges), it is richer in beta carotene (then carrots), contains multiple B vitamins, vitamin E and some trace minerals as well.

Goji splash juice is also said to be effective for weight loss by curbing the appetite and helping with fat burning; however Goji splash juice does not melt the body fats but gives a little boost to weight loss activities. It also improves the immune system and helps the body fight against many diseases.

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Jan 21

The only fruit that contains all types of polysaccharides (1, 2, 3, and 4) is Goji Berry fruit which are essential for cell health and growth. Polysaccharides are complex carbohydrates, they are insoluble in water and have no sweet taste; that’s why Goji berry like other juices are not too sweet.

Goji berry juice is found to be a product that has extra ordinary potential to melt extra pounds from your body and make you look much younger and healthier at the same time. Goji juice has been confirmed as a juice full of nutritional properties essential for anti-aging; the normal life span of regular Goji juice consumer is observed between 90-105 and the case of most famous long lived (252 years)Li Qing Yuen and his diet has been claimed to be Goji berries throughout his life.

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Jan 19

Many people believe that it’s almost impossible to grow Goji berries in their garden and it’s slightly disappoints some gardening lovers who are found of different plants. But opposite to different opinions about the home gardening of the Goji Berries it’s quite easy to grow these small berries in your own garden and enjoy the full nutrients from the fresh Goji berries.

Goji berry plants can be grown indoor with some good gardening skills and proper care and no proper care is required for a pre-established plant indoor. Goji plants can survive in any climate in even in cold; they can grow in any type of soil like light-scanty, medium or heavy but that soil should be well drained, in this case Goji Berries plan can grow, flower and fruit well.

Goji berry plants grow well in full sunlight and have a natural resistance ability to low and high temperature. They favor from sun light to partially shading; if you grow Goji berry indoor you need to keep them daily in direct sunlight for about 6-8 hours, but best advice is to grow them outside so they fruit well. In case of outdoor planting you need to pollinate the Goji flowers by hand to get a good quality Goji fruit. You can loosely seed the Goji in a pot but remember not to overwater the pot.

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Jan 12

Goji berry fruit is found to have numerous nutritional contents like Protein, carbohydrates, sodium, calcium, amino acids, vitamins, potassium, iron and many more. The Phenols content found is Goji berry is extremely important and at the top of those compounds found in Goji berry. Phenols is one of those antioxidants that work for slow aging process, it is also thought to assist human beings to fight with cancer. Some other undergoing studies about Goji berry’s Phenols content is it may reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, it may fight with blood sugar and blood pressure. According to a study Goji berries contain four times more Phenols then any of its closest rivals.

Fresh Goji berries are highest in Vitamin C, but it could be a bit lower in dried Goji berries. However Phenols is the next big thing and is being called next generation antioxidants.

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Jan 06

Fruits full of Antioxidants like Goji berries are always expected to cure many skin diseases from Skin Damage to Skin Cancer. Scientists have conducted many researches on this aspect of Goji Berry but unfortunately these studies are done on mice not on human beings.

A good quality Goji Juice should contains almost all the health properties as of raw Goji fruits, that’s why Scientists at the University of Sydney fed some mice some diluted Goji berry juice in laboratory and found Goji juice protected the mice against the skin damaged caused by sun and they had less skin inflammation as compared to those mice who were exposed to harsh UV rays.

Cancer experts assume that in mice Goji berry acts like a sun screener and its strong antioxidant properties may help skin cancer patients but this is still untested on human beings. They also found that Goji juice seems to protect the immune system.

Goji Experts insist that Goji juice should be medically tested on human beings and they may prove a great cure against skin cancer and other diseases caused by UV rays.

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