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Jan 19

Many people believe that it’s almost impossible to grow Goji berries in their garden and it’s slightly disappoints some gardening lovers who are found of different plants. But opposite to different opinions about the home gardening of the Goji Berries it’s quite easy to grow these small berries in your own garden and enjoy the full nutrients from the fresh Goji berries.

Goji berry plants can be grown indoor with some good gardening skills and proper care and no proper care is required for a pre-established plant indoor. Goji plants can survive in any climate in even in cold; they can grow in any type of soil like light-scanty, medium or heavy but that soil should be well drained, in this case Goji Berries plan can grow, flower and fruit well.

Goji berry plants grow well in full sunlight and have a natural resistance ability to low and high temperature. They favor from sun light to partially shading; if you grow Goji berry indoor you need to keep them daily in direct sunlight for about 6-8 hours, but best advice is to grow them outside so they fruit well. In case of outdoor planting you need to pollinate the Goji flowers by hand to get a good quality Goji fruit. You can loosely seed the Goji in a pot but remember not to overwater the pot.

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