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Feb 25

We are not lucky enough to get the fresh Goji berries; though they can be planted in our own home but they may not be as tasty as Goji berries from Himalaya or Tibet. The best way to consume Tibet Goji berries would be to use dried Goji berries; dried Goji berries is the most common form of Goji intake and they are exported to many countries. Dried Goji berry is frequently used in Chinese medicine and these medicines are very expensive; however the dried Goji berries with low price are not up to the quality; they do not offer health and nutritional benefits of fresh Goji berries.

The dried Goji berries are beneficial for health in number of ways; they strengthen the immune system, aid in weight loss, prevent eyesight maladies, protect the liver and possibly reverse the aging process. Dried Goji berries also increase the energy level, improve sex performance, and provide healthy elements like lyceum barbarum polysaccharides, amino acids and Carotenoids. Dried Goji berries contain 18 types of amino acids, and eight out of them are critical for health.

Dried Goji berries are good source of getting energy supplement like Goji juice; you simply sip the Goji berries into water for some time that allows the dried berries to transfer it nutritional properties into water. Dried Goji supplements are good source of fiber content.

The dried Goji berries can be used in more convenient and creative ways; they can be sprinkled on morning cereals or can be used as a separate ingredient in snacks or in baking products. We can decorate the cakes with the dried Goji berries or can add them to smoothies, yogurts or other healthy treats.

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Feb 18

Goji berry juice is the best heath supplement in the market that is full of nutrients; it is a great immune booster and most powerful anti-aging agent. Goji berry is an excellent source of antioxidants and its ORAC value is measure even more then famous Acai berries; the antioxidants from the Goji berry juice kill the free radicals, protects the skin from damage and delay the aging process.

Goji berry is rich in Vitamin C antioxidants which are good in protecting our skin from possible damages; Goji juice also has other antioxidants like vitamin B1, B2, B6 and E and a fat called linoleic acid, these all ingredients support the skin with smoothness and younger looks.

Some other compound effective for anti-aging activities are found in Goji Juice and they include germanium, selenium, Carotenoids, and beta carotene. These all nutritional benefits of the Goji juice make it a perfect choice who are worried about the effects of increased age; Goji juice can not only help them to delay the aging process but also to develop an overall health system.

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Feb 13

We always hear from Acai lovers, read in articles, newspaper and watch Acai experts claiming that Acai berry from Brazil has the highest ORAC score means it possesses the highest amount of antioxidants among other fruits. But is this true? We have found that although the acai berry does have a very high ORAC level, goji berries, might be close. But overall it may be true that the acai berry does have a higher level of ORAC and antioxidants.

As Goji consumers try to buy USDA certified Goji berry products, the ones that are organic and original Goji berries not wolfberries.

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Feb 11

Goji berries from Himalaya have strong power for anti-aging and strength building; they are rich in fatty acids, particularly linoleic acid, B vitamins, polysaccharides, amino acids, minerals, including manganese, magnesium, zinc, iron and selenium.

Goji berry can be used in various forms with the most common as Goji berry juice, however for kids it can be used in other delicious recipes like in snacks, after soaking and it is added to muesli, fruit salad, trail mixes, yoghurt or smoothies. Goji snacks other then childerns can help the adults as well with problems like:

Anyone with cardiovascular problems, to reduce effects of ageing, protects their eyesight or who are at risk of cataracts or macular degeneration, to support their immune system and people with inflammatory disorder.

Goji berry in for evening snacks purposes can be used in dishes like in any fish or rice soup as mostly Chinese do; Goji berry or its seeds can be used in Granola. The choice of Goji berry in snacks is healthy choice especially for kids provides them nutrients that their body needs.

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Feb 05

Chemotherapy has been used over a long run for treating cancer by the use of antibiotics and chemicals that kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy with killing cancer cells also leads to other side effects like poor immune system, infections, weight loss and other normal cells death; though these post chemotherapy effects can be cured using medication but they have their own side effects.

Goji berry or its sub products like Goji juice has shown positive attitude in curing post chemotherapy effects. Chemotherapy results in decreasing normal while and red blood cells; our body already has low white cells and after chemotherapy it becomes more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Goji juice has the strongest ability to create white blood cells; it also boosts up our immune system.

Goji berry juice can revise the energy level that gets down due to chemotherapy and helps the weak body to fight well with fatigue with the help lyceum compound found in Goji juice.

Goji berry juice has good antioxidants like lyceum and barbarum; these antioxidants can reduce or prevent the growth of liver cancer cells and the leukemia cells as well and in this away Goji supports the chemotherapy treatments.

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Feb 03

The Goji berry is a new discovery in the world of super fruits, goji berry like other super fruits Acai, Mangosteen is rich in antioxidants; Goji berry is often misrepresented as Wolf berry which is actually a product from China, where Goji berry is a product from Tibet with more ORAC units and nutritional value then found in Chinese wolf berries, the ORAC value of Goji berries is said to be measured as 25,100 units. Goji berry juice also contains a plenty of Vitamin C, Riboflavin – vitamin B2, with good supply of calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and selenium.

Goji juice if made from pure, organic Goji berries have great health benefits dominated by improved immune system and longevity with other benefits like skin, help in male fertility and vigor, boost liver and kidney functions and enhanced vision. Drinking Goji berry juice protects the body from various ailments like blindness due to muscular degeneration, Goji juice is said to be good for hepatitis and other liver ailments.

Goji juice is found to have two important nutrients thiamin and magnesium; these nutrients aid human beings in better sleep. Goji juice also contains unsaturated fatty acids like essential fatty acids known as Linoleum that helps in weight loss.

Goji juice should be a part of someone’s daily life; it can be a part of kids’ diet with a blend of other fruit juices.

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