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Feb 05

Chemotherapy has been used over a long run for treating cancer by the use of antibiotics and chemicals that kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy with killing cancer cells also leads to other side effects like poor immune system, infections, weight loss and other normal cells death; though these post chemotherapy effects can be cured using medication but they have their own side effects.

Goji berry or its sub products like Goji juice has shown positive attitude in curing post chemotherapy effects. Chemotherapy results in decreasing normal while and red blood cells; our body already has low white cells and after chemotherapy it becomes more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Goji juice has the strongest ability to create white blood cells; it also boosts up our immune system.

Goji berry juice can revise the energy level that gets down due to chemotherapy and helps the weak body to fight well with fatigue with the help lyceum compound found in Goji juice.

Goji berry juice has good antioxidants like lyceum and barbarum; these antioxidants can reduce or prevent the growth of liver cancer cells and the leukemia cells as well and in this away Goji supports the chemotherapy treatments.

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