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Mar 31

Have you had your Goji berries this morning?  Individually, you can add a glass of Goji berry juice to power up you morning diet.  The Goji berry juice is made from the Goji berries that natively grown in central China, this reddish-orange fruit generally referred to as the Goji berry is actually the wolfberry, Lycium barbarum.  Goji juice is crowded with antioxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene, Goji juice continue to gain disrepute in the super foods group.  According to conventional Chinese medicine theory, Goji berry juices are beneficial for the liver and kidneys, moistening to the lungs, and supplement the yin. Typical historical include supporting longevity, dry skin, dizziness, reduced sexual desire, low back pain and chronic dry cough.  Some animal studies have exposed immune-boosting effects of Goji juice, likely credited to its high antioxidant content.  The Goji juice, dried Goji berries and root bark have the active constituents.

Many of the highly advertized health claims for Goji juice (use in cancer, diabetes, arthritis, digestive problems, and weight loss) have yet to be confirmed by medical studies in peer-reviewed journals According to a February 2008 article in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, more forums to discuss the newest scientific study on the chemistry and biological and physiological functions of “super foods”, including Goji berries, are obligatory.  Goji berries can be consumed raw, in teas, tinctures, and with the Goji juice the most famous form of Goji berry consumption.  While this Goji berry juice is definitely a health fruit juice with considerable nutritional value, it can come at a premium cost.  Please feel free to share your experiences about Goji juice, especially any proposals for healthy treats with them.

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Mar 26

Goji Juice is thought to be a great source of vitamins and nutrients with each Goji juice supposed to have 18 different amino acids and vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, and E. It is thought that Goji juice contain more beta carotene than is found in carrots of the same size. And the Goji berry juice is advertized as one of the richest sources of vitamin C in the world, trailing only the Australian bill goat plum and the South American camu camu.

Goji berry juice is also believed to hold zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, and germanium in different quantities. As a rich supply of many of the vitamins and minerals vital to nutrition, Goji fruit juice is full with antioxidants.

Goji Juice’s four unique polysaccharides or phytonutrients compounds together serve as directors and carriers of the commands that cells use to speak with each other (receptors). As a result, they are thought to be of great significance to the smooth functioning of approximately every cell in the entire body.

According to Goji juice scientific study, the Goji Berry juice made from Himalayan Goji berries has an exceptional unique quality that shows a balanced polysaccharide profile with a uniquely strong Spectral Signature.

These unique polysaccharides found in Goji berry juice are generally referred to as “Master Molecules”. It is thought that they control and command some of the most essential immune defense systems in the body. Himalayan and Tibetan Goji berry juice’s unique trait of spectral peaks can differ from type to type. It is believed that you are competent to define one Goji berry juice’s geographic origin from another by examining these peaks.

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Mar 24

Goji juice does not include carbohydrate or the starch in bulk quantity; it has the Polysaccharide with the nourishment of herbal and natural factors of the body. There is chlorophyll in the Goji plants, which makes them to produce their own food from sunlight. There are a few reactants in the human body, which begins the process of new cell developments fast and reduces the cell loss of the human body. So overall, it comes to alleviating the effects of the aging. When human body grows old, the older cells are destructed and new cells are developed but the rate of production for the new cells is not always regular for the life. In fact as the life grows longer, the development rate of the new cells gets lower and the result of the dead cells in the body appears as the wrinkles and the weak parts of the body.

The Goji Berry juice have the power to initiate the construction of the new body cell and it also reduces the rate of old cell death, so finally it gets the proportion in the body, which is needed there to carry it long for the body to crack. There is no process, which can slip back this whole, but Goji berries juice have the potential to delay the process so it makes the life longer and the health better. Goji Juice also makes the digestive system healthier and works on other parts of the body positively there is no risk of overdose and it can be taken according to the requirements of the body.

The Goji berry juice is a low carbohydrate diet with verified amount of just 24g that makes the Goji juice an ideal diet when you are thinking to plan a weight loss diet. Goji Juice due to less carbohydrates and sugar is also very favorable for diabetic patients. Goji berry juice with the help of the Vitamin B1 converts the carbohydrates into the energy; this extra energy from the Goji Juice helps in more work outs and increased stamina. The polysaccharides found in the Goji juice are complex carbohydrates and they help the body to maintain a normal insulin level.

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Mar 19

Goji Berries are typically borrowed from China and are first recognized generally in Himalayan areas. These Goji berries are now used as the crucial antioxidant plant well-known to cure many different diseases. These Goji berries grow up from eight to ten feet, bear small flowers with purple or blue colors and red fruits. The tiny Goji berries are sweet in flavor fruits and can be consumed whether uncooked, fresh or dried. Even the leaves of the Goji berry leaves can be very valuable for they can be consumed as an ingredient of salads and drinks. The Goji berry plants are famous to discard their leaves in the fall, woody perennials and very flexible. Goji berries need a lot of daylight and fancy climates that are warm and dry during summer but they can cultivate anywhere even moist climates. It is believed that the more the Goji berries are uncovered to sunlight, the more they allow fruits.

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Mar 16

Science now knows that there are four different phases that must be attended together for winning weight management. If you have been on diet plans that have disastrous, it’s because they only deal with one or two parts of the equation. But now, at last, your weight problem is nowhere; Health juice  science has discovered the way to help you to drop weight, and its name is Goji juice.

The Goji juice is complete health diet and unlike any other health juice you have ever tried, the complete Goji  juice plan addresses all of the key aspects of successful weight control and other health issues. The current weight management claims  of the Goji Juice are based on different studies and research on the ability of the Goji berry Juice to reduce unsightly and unhealthy tummy fat; Goji Berry juice helps you to achieve your ideal healthy weight in four important ways:

Fights Abdominal Fat: Goji juice contains exclusive Goji berry extracts that have clinically shown to lessen the body’s making of stress hormones that cause you to build up unhealthy belly fat. Other ingredients act on digestive tract enzymes to facilitate and reduce the quantity of calories absorbed from starchy or fatty foods.

Improves Metabolism: Clinical results on Goji Juice have confirmed a dramatic and considerable increase in the body’s calorie burning ability as compared to other fruit juices by giving you the energy to take full advantage of your exercises performance.

Helps Control Craving: Goji juice supports an cheerful mood, suppressing appetite and between-meal hungers to help you to cut unnecessary calories.

Cleanses and Replenishes: Goji juice extra fiber provides kind cleansing and detoxifying action to support regularity and health while slowing the absorption of food to pick up metabolism.

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Mar 11

Goji berries or theoretically known as Lycium barbarum (Latin) has always been well thought-out a wonder fruit. There are many traditions built around Goji berries and even galas are held in its admiration. And if that is not sufficient even a legendary Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty (772-842 AD) wrote a poem devoted to its benefits. There is a legend around it. It was during the Tang Dynasty that something surprising happened.

A famous Buddhist shrine had a well dug near its fence. The wall was roofed with Goji vines and Goji berries used to fall into the well for years. What was amazing was that monks living in the holy place always stayed in good health and even in older age no one had a single white hair and most had not missed a single tooth. Why was that so? Well, because they usded to drink water from the well, where Goji Berries used to fell.

Himalayans were possibly the first natural healers of the world and they disseminated their information to herbalists of China, India and Tibet. And what was their one cure all top secret? Well, it was Goji berries that were the national of Himalayas. And when people came to the Himalayan valleys and identified the  value of Goji berries, they took the vines to their homes and planted it there. That is how the knowledge about Goji berries multiplied.

The significance of Goji berries for people of Central Asia could be judged from the reality that they rejoice for two week each year in tribute to Goji berries. Scientists found out four most important bioactive polysaccharides in Lycium barbarum. These were recognized as Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP). These exceptional compounds in fact manage most of the biochemical resistance systems of our body.

And the knowledge that Goji berries are not restricted to herbalists simply. Major universities have undertaken study on Goji berries and they have actually come to the same finale. There have been over fifty studies related to Goji berries and have been published in more or less all the better reputed health magzines.  Some of these journals include: International Immunopharmacology, Journal of Ethano pharmacology, British Journal of nutrition, China Pharmacology and Toxicology, Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herb News Magazine Research Communications Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology Chinese Patent Herbs, Nature Reviews Drugs, Chinese Herbs, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Chinese Oncology Magazine, Physiology Academic Journal Chinese Stomatology, Hygiene Research and a whole lot more.

You can find plenty or informations about about Goji berries in the book “Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret” written by Dr. Mindell. He writes in the book that there are many longest living people in the globe who have been consuming this red fruit on an every day basis. Goji berry is no doubt the most successful anti-aging food in the world. What is more it is perhaps the most nutritionally intense food at hand.

Some of the key nutrients found in Goji berry juice are the glyconutrients and the phytonutrients. Glyconutrients supply the body with eight vital sugars that are compulsory for human development while the twenty two phytonutrients assist in intercellular communication.

Let us have a glance at some of the health benefits of Goji fruit  juice.

Enhances your immune system to battle diseases
Potent antioxidant helping in fighting early ageing.
Adjusts blood pressure
Regulates blood sugar at the early stages of diabetes
Prevents DNA transformation, inhibits tumor expansion and control peroxidation of lipids. All this helps in preventing the threat of cancer
Confidently affect vision and cardiac functions and also works wonders for headaches and insomnia.
Sexual health and productiveness is improved
Weight regulation
Improves dry cough
Improves digestive scheme and also improves memory.

Let us have a gaze at the composition of Goji berry juice to realize why it is so valuable.

Germanium, which is not originated in any other fruit
Carotenoids like beta carotene and vitamin C
Four key polysaccharides named LBP1, LBP2, LBP3 and LBP4. These are the vital for first-class health.
19 amino acids that also includes the eight most crucial amino acids. Also contains about twenty one minerals in traces including copper, selenium, zinc, phosphorus and others.
Zeaxanthin which is very useful for the eyes, B-complex and fatty acids.
Vitamin E, seldom found in fruits. It is usually found in nuts and seeds.
Cyperone, Beta-Sitosterol (anti-inflammatory), Solavetivone, Betaine (cardiovascular system), Linoleic acid (weightloss) and Physalin.
Iron concentration is about 11 mg per 100 gm of fruit which is far above the ground.

You can easily obtain Goji juice from health stores and fitness centers, and there are many online stores that can offer you with Goji juice. It is suggested to drink two to four ounce every day but there are no side effects of bigger dosages. Most of the people start feeling the health benefits of the Goji Juice within a single month.

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Mar 09

Goji berries or Tibetan Goji berries are scientifically identified as Lycium Barabarum (Latin). They belong to the ancestors of Solanaceae (flowering plants) which also have constituents like potatoes, tomatoes and tobacco. It is quite astonishing to know that more than eighty varieties of Lycium berry are found in nature. One of the most renowned include the Chinese Wolfberry which is considered by Chinese healers as the greatest cure for male sexual dysfunction. But to be on a more scientific ground, Chinese Wolfberry is just an inherited cousin of Lycium Barbarum and is not exactly a true Goji berry.

Goji berries are conceivably one of the richest supplies of vitamins and other nutrients. It has been technically confirmed that they hold over 18 different amino acids and vitamins like B1, B2, B6, C and E. It is unexpected but a truth that this fruit contains more Beta carotene than carrots and is perhaps the finest source of vitamin C around. Only Australian billygoat plum and South American camu camu are richer than Goji berries where vitamin C is concerned.

Goji berries are also wealthy source of minerals like iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus and germanium. With all that, they are also a rich supply of antioxidants.

Fairy tale is that hundreds of years ago, a crowd of Buddhist monks in the mountains of Tibet saw tiny red berries growing behind a well. When they gave it a try, it tasted quite well and included these berries in their every day diet. What was surprising was that they found out that they outlived other monks. They came to the climax that these berries made all the difference.

For centuries they went on obtaining rich benefits out of including Goji berries in their daily diet. It was quite later that west became conscious of the benefits of Goji berries and started using it and its use extended all round. And there are sufficient reasons for this attractiveness. It starts with the faith that it increases ones life span noticeably. It is also supposed that it has good healing power. It works incredibly for cuts, burns, abrasions and also rashes.

You can easily find extracts of Goji berries from most health wellbeing stores. These extracts are converted into creams and remedies like Goji Juice or Goji Powder. As of now these products are very pricey but if you choose to buy online, you can bank a lot of money. And if you are thinking of buying in mass the cost would get a lot cheaper. It goes without saying that Goji berry extracts are amongst the most excellent health product that is natural. And more and more people are going for it.

If you look at health food stores, you would discover that whole shelves have been filled with products containing Goji berries including drinks, skin care lotions, cosmetics and remedies. They help those who are looking for natural skin product that are non-toxic.

Goji berries have been harvested in China, Tibet and Mongolia for ages. Chinese medicine has always used them for centuries. It is used with lycium bark and is assumed to boost your immune system, circulatory system, proves great for liver and kidney defense, improves your vision, and works wonder for your skin. Goji berries are definitely very rich in vitamins and minerals but what is more it is also superlative in Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) degree. ORAC is used to compute the antioxidant levels in any food. And studies have exposed that they contain 25000 units per 100 milligrams which is about five times more than the fruit (prunes) that comes second on the scale and about 15 times more than the vegetable that comes second on the directory.

And what is the significance of antioxidants? Well it is the key ingredient that fights the aging process. It is fairly natural that many trust that those berries are the best and the most prevailing anti-ageing food that is around. And that is why it has also found topical applications and is one of the main ingredients in skin-care products.

It is correct that Goji berries have just found applications in contemporary uses, yet you can come across it being used in a broad range of skin care products right from creams and lotions to every other product. And that is why the majority of the innovative natural skin care products have Goji berries as their ingredient.

If you fancy having those Goji berries and want to guarantee that they are ideal, go for Goji berries that claim to be cold-pressed, have no solvents and have been air-dried. Also, there should not be preservatives in Goji berry products. Heat processing and extra chemicals, if added, lessens its benefits seriously.

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Mar 05

Green Tea is known to the Chinese and Japanese world for thousands of years; and the Brazilian Amazon tribes understand the value of Goji berry or Acai berries for thousands of years as well.

The Acai berries are known for their great weight loss properties due to heavy nutrients and antioxidants but the antioxidants score of the Goji juice is much higher than the Acai berries. Goji juice helps the people to achieve their weight loss goals; it is just because of the facts that Goji juice has nutrients that help in food conversion of the energy gaining purposes.

Goji juice contains and ingredients Chromium that helps to develop lean muscle mass during weight loss; and these well toned muscle burn additional calories than fat, promoting a more efficient metabolism, which makes it easier to avoid weight gain.

The Goji berry juice has nutrients like Vitamin B, L-arginine, L-glutamine and potassium and all these ingredients helps the body to not to put on more fats. Goji juice also reduces the stress, while stress is the main cause of fats storage in the body.

Goji berry for the sake of well shaped body development can be used with the unique blends of other fruit juices; some example of blended Goji juices are, AcaiGoji juice, Goji juice with Green tea and few more. The regular consumption of the Goji juice provides other weight prevention benefits such as;

Improves utilization of oxygen

Delays the onset of fatigue during exercise

Increases endurance

Increases stamina

Strengthens the heart

Reduces stress that results from physical exertion

Improves circulation

The 100% natural and safe Goji Berries juice Supplements not only facilitate you build a stronger healthier body, but they also help you drop those surplus pounds so you can look good in any season.

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Mar 02

The herbal medicine practitioners from China, India and Tibet, have been using the Goji berries for 6,000 years as a part of their medicines to cure diseases. Goji berries have abundant quantities of the antioxidants, mainly Carotenoids such as beta-carotene and Zeaxanthin that protects the eye retina by absorbing blue light and also acts as an antioxidant for the human body. An increased ingestion of zeathanthin foods can help to develop fewer chances of different eyes diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in people over the age of 65.

In recent years, Goji berry juice has become well accepted popular as a health drink. Goji juice has been confirmed to protect the liver, help eyesight, improve sexual function and fertility, strengthen the legs, boost immune function, improve circulation and increase longevity chances. The presence of 4 polysaccharides (carbohydrates) in the Goji juice, as absolutely unique ingredient is the main power of this fruit to provide unique health benefits. These polysaccharides are made up of various mono saccharides, connected by glycosidic bonds. The Goji berry health juice also contains 19 amino acids, which are building blocks of protein, and this protein content of the Goji juice is more than the protein content of the wheat. The Goji berry juice also contains vitamin C, even more than orange. The Goji berry fruit juice also provides 21 minerals which together costs for a healthy living.

The Goji berry juice is an excellent healer and its health benefits cannot be overlooked, because Goji juice has direct and immediate effects on human health.

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