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May 11

Lycopene is the red pigment that grants red colors to tomatoes and fruits such as Goji berries. The quantity of Lycopene found in Goji berries is considerably low as compared to that in tomatoes thus prompting some Goji juice producers to get it from somewhere else to strengthen their Goji Juices. It’s a very potent antioxidant that aids trace free radicals in our bodies, its best absorbed by the body when it’s processed to a juice form. This because of the temperature changes involved in the process of making the Goji berry juice break it down to a simpler form that is easier for the body to soak up.

Lycopene assists reduce the threat of heart ailment, prostate cancer and eye disease. Having a low fat diet and taking some cholesterol-lowering medicine can slow down Lycopene absorption to the body. It has a variety of benefits such as neutralizing radicals that injure body cells, reducing the danger of heart disease and stroke.  You will find some of the leading manufacturer of Goji berry products such as Goji juice will add Lycopene into the formula to make a supper Goji juice supplement.

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