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May 15

Health Experts from western countries are looking into what they feel to be overstated health claims by companies trying to sell the Goji Juice as a therapy for cancer. In New Zealand, that sort of health claim is prohibited. That kind of health claim is unlawful in the United States as well.

There might be a single supernatural Goji Berry that can treat cancer, but without precise scientific research, who can say certainly? Undoubtedly not the manufacturers of the Goji Juice, or those who try to profit from the sale of Goji juice. Not without sufficient scientific proof.

It’s Ok to deem that Goji Juice is healthy for you, and does supply antioxidants that do have cancer avoidance value, because it is Goji berry. Most Goji berries have been shown to offer cancer prevention in feeding the body with essential nutrients essential to good health. But that is far-off from believing that Goji Juice is a treatment for cancer.

Common sense would keep us from buying into flashy claims that can give someone diagnosed with cancer bogus hope. A cancer diagnosis can create extreme levels of panic and sometimes, an enthusiasm to set aside normal and rational judgment. Most of the nutritional specialists are suggesting that given the existing price of a Goji Juice drink, similar berries, fruits and vegetables might be more economical in getting the same antioxidant and nutrition value.

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