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Sep 27

Check out our new updated goji juice site! We just revamped it and added a lot of great info on there including a place where you can get a wide selection of goji juice.

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May 20

In the moist valleys of the Himalayans grow a bush that bears an unassuming red berry that may be the greatest Superfood yet discovered: the Himalayan Goji berry.

Himalayan goji berries grow on bushes, and they are harvested in an only one of its kind way. Instead of being picked by hand, they are shaken from the bush to drop onto mats on the floor. They are basically too fragile to be picked by hand. The red berries that fall onto the grounds are dried in the sun, like raisins. Dried Himalayan goji berries look like bright red raisins and taste spicy, like a mix of raisins and cranberries.

The Himalayan goji berry can also be made into an appetizing juice. Himalayan goji juice is a delicious alternative approach to get all the nutrients of the goji berry. The Himalayan goji berry is packed full of nutrition, and so is the goji juice. The Himalayan goji berry juice includes high levels of B vitamins and vitamin C, and even contains large amounts of vitamin E, which is not common in fruits.

The Himalayan goji juice is very rich in antioxidants, two of which are beta carotene and Zeaxanthin. Both are vital for maintaining vision health and Zeaxanthin is one of two antioxidants found inside the human retina. The other is lutein, some of which is also found in the Himalayan goji berry. Antioxidants battle aging and ill health by ridding the body of free radicals, which are chemicals that circulate in the body and cause cellular DNA damage. Antioxidants not only wrestle free radicals, but they also undo some cellular damage.

Another great property of antioxidants is that they keep cellular yield at healthy levels. In the skin, this leads to greater regeneration of the skin and helps battle the visible effects of aging such as wrinkling. Antioxidants are also associated with good cardiovascular health; something Himalayan goji juice has long been used for.

The Himalayan goji juice has gained dramatic popularity in the West in recent years, as Westerners find out what Eastern health practitioners have known for centuries: goji berries encourage great health, long life, and even enhanced sexual strength. When added as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a mostly fruit and vegetable based diet and regular work out, Himalayan goji juice can have great health benefits.

Himalayan goji juice has been used as a dietary supplement and has also been used in total body health detoxification practices. Habitual consumption of the Himalayan goji juice promotes strength, boost energy, feelings of emotional well-being, and tranquility.

A number of so-called Superfoods have had momentous press reporting in recent years. Both the Acai berry and the blueberry are awfully nutritious. While Himalayan goji juice is not a replacement for a balanced diet, it is a magnificent addition to the Superfood listings, and is sure to become an important player in nutritional health in the 21st century.

Since our diets not have enough fresh fruits and vegetables, adding nutrients to our diets has become increasingly frequent in the past hundred years. An average American consumes cold cereal for breakfast, candy bars for snacks, hamburger and fries for lunch and a TV dinner for supper. As you may have presume, this doesn’t provide your body with the nutrients found in our diets just hundred years ago so here this the time when it become an obligation to try Himalayan goji juice.

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May 12

Who can drink the Goji Juice, is this suitable for people of any age? The answer to this is simply about everyone. Goji berry juice has health benefits that can be enjoyed by adults, kids, older and yes-even pets.

Goji Juice for Kids:
Children naturally are very dynamic and usually full of energy. Being young absolutely has its advantages. However it also has its disadvantages too. Because kids are usually more active than adults that means that they are burning more calories which is good but they are also burning up the minerals and necessary vitamins that their bodies require not only to keep them healthy for now but to also supply them with enough back stock of the much needed nutrients to aid them during the growth spurts that all children go through. Goji Juice can help Children bodies by supplying them with 19 amino acids, which by the way some of these amino acids our bodies cannot imitate so they have to be consumed by the food that we consume. Also Goji berry juice includes 21 trace minerals, and is rated one of the richest antioxidant food sources on the earth. Antioxidants are great for helping the body improve its immune system and that will in turn aid your kids from getting sick as frequently. Now most parents would be saying to themselves this all sounds great but how am I going make my kids drink the Goji juice. That problem is already resolved because Goji Berry Juice is made out of goji berries, which is a great tasting fruit. You will not have to exchange blows with your children to take goji juice they will ask for it.

Goji Juice and Adults:

One of the main problems that most Adults face is a retreating level of natural energy. Although hard for many to deal with it is an ordinary problem with getting adult. Most adults fill this lack of natural energy with things such as caffeine and other products that are not good for their overall health. And which also causes other problems such as weight gains and heart disorders just to name a few. Goji Juice benefits adult in a similar manner as children. It can aid with your better immune system, heighten energy and help aid in weight loss just to name a few. Goji juice also holds some vital vitamins such as B1, C, E, B2, and B6.

Goji Juice for Older:
Because Goji Juice has Antioxidants and Polysaccharides it can assist seniors by stimulating the interleukin-2 and gamma interferon cells within your body to battle against these aging problems and reduce your chances of autoimmune problems. The Goji berry juice antioxidants also assist to boost your immunity levels, which is very significant for seniors.

Possible Side Effects of the Goji berry Juice:
This is a very frequent question that is asked by many individuals. Everyone has fears about if Goji Juice will cause any unpleasant reactions with the medicines that they are taking. The only one that has been found is possible reactions to anticoagulant drugs (usually called “blood-thinners”), such as warfarin (Coumadin®). So if you have any concerns about this you should consult with your doctor before start drinking the Goji berry juice.

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Feb 13

We always hear from Acai lovers, read in articles, newspaper and watch Acai experts claiming that Acai berry from Brazil has the highest ORAC score means it possesses the highest amount of antioxidants among other fruits. But is this true? We have found that although the acai berry does have a very high ORAC level, goji berries, might be close. But overall it may be true that the acai berry does have a higher level of ORAC and antioxidants.

As Goji consumers try to buy USDA certified Goji berry products, the ones that are organic and original Goji berries not wolfberries.

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Feb 05

Chemotherapy has been used over a long run for treating cancer by the use of antibiotics and chemicals that kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy with killing cancer cells also leads to other side effects like poor immune system, infections, weight loss and other normal cells death; though these post chemotherapy effects can be cured using medication but they have their own side effects.

Goji berry or its sub products like Goji juice has shown positive attitude in curing post chemotherapy effects. Chemotherapy results in decreasing normal while and red blood cells; our body already has low white cells and after chemotherapy it becomes more vulnerable to diseases and infections. Goji juice has the strongest ability to create white blood cells; it also boosts up our immune system.

Goji berry juice can revise the energy level that gets down due to chemotherapy and helps the weak body to fight well with fatigue with the help lyceum compound found in Goji juice.

Goji berry juice has good antioxidants like lyceum and barbarum; these antioxidants can reduce or prevent the growth of liver cancer cells and the leukemia cells as well and in this away Goji supports the chemotherapy treatments.

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Feb 03

The Goji berry is a new discovery in the world of super fruits, goji berry like other super fruits Acai, Mangosteen is rich in antioxidants; Goji berry is often misrepresented as Wolf berry which is actually a product from China, where Goji berry is a product from Tibet with more ORAC units and nutritional value then found in Chinese wolf berries, the ORAC value of Goji berries is said to be measured as 25,100 units. Goji berry juice also contains a plenty of Vitamin C, Riboflavin – vitamin B2, with good supply of calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and selenium.

Goji juice if made from pure, organic Goji berries have great health benefits dominated by improved immune system and longevity with other benefits like skin, help in male fertility and vigor, boost liver and kidney functions and enhanced vision. Drinking Goji berry juice protects the body from various ailments like blindness due to muscular degeneration, Goji juice is said to be good for hepatitis and other liver ailments.

Goji juice is found to have two important nutrients thiamin and magnesium; these nutrients aid human beings in better sleep. Goji juice also contains unsaturated fatty acids like essential fatty acids known as Linoleum that helps in weight loss.

Goji juice should be a part of someone’s daily life; it can be a part of kids’ diet with a blend of other fruit juices.

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Jan 29

Goji berries are in the health food market due to its high nutritional value and the health benefits associated with these nutrients.

The main benefit from Goji juice are antioxidants; these antioxidants are proved effective for longevity and better eye vision. Antioxidants from Goji juice like other antioxidants kill the free radicals, improve the skin and good for anti-aging activities.

Other important nutrient from Goji juice is linoleum acid; this acids increases the fat loss in body and it is fifteen times more nutritional than spinach.

Goji juice contains polysaccharides, important for enhanced immune system and has good anti-inflammatory properties.

A good Goji berry juice has good amount of fats, minerals and a daily intake of Goji juice supports the body with sufficient quantity of these fats and minerals; it also contains a series of vitamins like vitamins B2, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Goji juice is good in carotene; which if required is converted into Vitamin A inside body; Goji juice has more carotene than we found in carrots.

There is no doubt that Goji berry juice is full of nutritional value that make it a perfect choice for a good health, however there are no sufficient lab studies that it can be used to cure certain diseases. You can consume Goji juice to improve overall health.

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Mar 28

This is a “light” recipe for who is about to go training hard and needs a light meal before workout. For more recipes please check online

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