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Jun 12

The Goji Berry has been respected throughout Asia for its unrivaled ability to encourage wellness and balance the body’s energies, particularly the “vital life force” known as chi. Some initial studies have revealed that the secret to Goji Juice’s powerful health benefits lies in a group of matchless bioactive molecules, not found in any other plant on earth, called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP). The Goji Berry Juice contains the full range of LBP to distribute a consistently high potency and ideal balance of these all-essential nutrients.

People from the whole world have experienced the health results with the Himalayan Goji Juice, making it the top selling, number one goji berry product in the world. And now, the best has gotten even better with Himalayan Goji Berry Juice.

Developed as a result of extensive worldwide research efforts, Himalayan Goji Juice represents the Next invention of conventional Goji Berry Juice. Goji Juice is delivering an extraordinary potency and balance of the unique LBP Lycium barbarum polysaccharides) in the goji berries.

The ancient Chinese term for “vital life force,” Himalayan Goji Juice contains all the goodness of pure and natural Goji Juice, and so much more!

Himalayan Goji Juice has much more LBP (active ingredient) than any other Goji Juice Product.

Himalayan Goji Juice is Preservative free, kosher certified and Halal and comes with a great taste.

Benefits for the healthy life are hidden in each bottle of the Himalayan Goji Juice.

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Jun 10

It was only two years back, almost no one in the Western society ever hear of a Goji berry or a Goji berry Juice. Often referred to as the fountain of youth Juice, the marvelous Goji Berry plant, native to the Tibetan and Mongolian Himalayas, is really making the prospect nowadays. Its Latin name is, Lycium Barbarum, there are over 40 different varieties, or strains, around the world for the Goji Berry.

What’s so special about the Goji Berry Juice? For one thing, the Goji Juice is the richest source of antioxidants of any food source yet exposed. Antioxidants counteract free radicals that can damage or destroy our DNA and healthy cells. This can lead to untimely aging, and increase the possibilities of being afflicted by cancer, heart ailment, HBP, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and many other maladies running battlement in our civilization. Another unique quality about the Goji juice is the four unique polysaccharides it owns. At least one of these can help in boosting the immune system. Another is identified to potentially stimulate the Pituitary Gland located in the anterior of the brain to raise the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). As we get adult our glands often produce fewer hormones, and the HGH the Master Hormone in our bodies, controls the function of the other hormones in our bodies.

The Baby Boomer Generation is as a rule coming into their 60s and 70s, and health distresses are taking main stage for many of them. Medical and pharmaceutical costs are going through the sky with no end in sight. When the HGH level in someone’s system lessens, aging may increase. Henceforth, when our HGH levels are augmented, many of the signs of aging can potentially decrease, and medical studies have shown that some of the signs of aging can even be overturned. Some people have practiced original hair color being re-established, eyesight improved, sounder sleep, high libido, reduction in chronic aches and pains, reduced wrinkling, improved energy levels, increased to illness and disease, improved mental alertness, and a better overall sense of well being after drinking the Goji juice.

In the Himalayas where the people there routinely have consumed the Goji Juice as a part of their normal diet, it is not rare for some of them living to 120 or so life spans. The oldest recorded living person is known to live to 252 years, and consumed the Goji berries and Goji juice on a regular basis. The Chinese Government honored the Goji juice 3 times with Longevity Certificates. It can be further noted that people in the Himalayas that usually dunked the Goji berry juice seldom acquire many of the dread diseases that are considered fatal in Western Society. While our health society busies itself with treating the symptoms with medicine and chemotherapy, surgery, and so onwards, wouldn’t it make more wisdom to look for what’s lacking in our diets and reinforce our defense systems against these infectious attackers. With more than 60 macro and trace minerals formerly in our soils, and commercial farming regularly replenishing only 3 of these minerals, it is no surprise why so many of our population are malnourished, even if they don’t know it, and why diseases rare in the pre-industrial revolution are now commonplace in today’s recent civilization.

The above mentioned benefits of the Goji Juice make it the perfect match for your good health. So Go ahead and give a try to Himalayan Goji Juice.

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Jun 08

The recent era decision-makers are always exhausted with all the stress and running around that forms a vital part of their hectic and demanding bother personal and professional lives. This causes premature aging and deprived energy levels for everything. Regularly consuming the Goji berries or Goji Berry Juice, the Himalayan marvel fruit with the highest nutrition value and antioxidant properties can convey new boosted energy levels and allow you to live a vigorous life and perform the daily grind with dynamism.

Many individuals who now drink the Goji Juice on a daily basis have observed better eyesight, restoration of hair color, enhanced libido, mood improvement, and obvious improvement in energy levels, improved sleeping habits and more enthusiasm for life.

After drinking the Goji Fruit Juice for about 2 months, many people report their diastolic blood pressure went from Stage II HBP with readings more than 100 to readings between 71 and 79, which is considered regular. They simply couldn’t imagine it! In the past, they used to try Omega 3′s, liquid multivitamins and minerals, Human Growth Capsules, and calcium, but nothing seemed to change their blood pressure. The only thing they did in their own way was drink about the Goji juice daily.

The Goji Berries are produced in lush and contamination free Tibetan Himalayas and imported in largeness by many manufactures of the Goji berry juice. These Goji juice and other Goji Berry products makers offer consumers in USA a chance to benefit from a livelier life by taking their daily intake of the dried Goji berries and Goji juice. The Goji juice is the most demanding Goji berry products and many people may favor it because of its taste.

A pure and organic Goji Juice tastes the sweetest because pure Goji berries are never touched by hands and are collected by shaking the vines and dried in shade. Many Goji berry juice stores also sell Goji seeds and seaweed fertilizer if you wish to grow Goji here in your backyards.

Consumers can also buy the Goji juice in small quantities from these online stores, or they can make ample savings by ordering a wholesale supply of their requirement.

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Jun 05

Goji Berry:
Although Goji Berries can be grown mostly anywhere, however it flourishes in China, Asia, India and Mongolia. Lately the UK has implemented the Goji bush as a showy plant. The main growing regions are the Himalayan Mountains and Tibetan area.

This Goji berry grows best in harsh, cold winters and hot, humid summers. Goji bushes also favor well-drained, yet moist, sandy soil with plenty of sunlight. The tiny, red Goji berries grow in drooping bunches of eight or ten from cone-shaped white and purple flowers.

The ancient Asian ethnic healers used the Goji Berry Juice along with other natural supplements, plants and herbs. Those who drank the Goji juice lived more than century long lives.

Tibet or Himalayan Goji Juice?

Tibetan Goji juice is extensively popular and as a result, consumers want to know how it compares to another wildly popular juice: Himalayan Goji juice.

Tibet goji juice is a good, solid juice that is nourishing, but it tends to have a slightly acidic taste. This is generally blamed on the growing and manufacturing conditions. However, any juice can have a bitter taste if the leaves and bark are processed into it during production. So, if you can get a Tibetan goji juice that is 100% pure goji berry extract, it would be in your good health.

Himalayan Goji Juice is mostly found in the Himalaya Mountain areas, hence the name. Because of the increasing demand for Himalayan Goji juice, the Goji berry bushes are not only grown on the mountains at present. The valleys and adjacent region are growing the Goji berry bush in large quantity to fill the high demand for the Goji juice.

When you are considering the Goji juice, whether it is Himalayan or Tibet, you should ensure it is preservative and chemical free with no artificial additives. Added fruit juices are acceptable; many Goji berry juice brands are blended to improve the taste. However, you want a much greater percentage of the pure Goji juice than anything else—most likely at least eighty to ninety percent of the real Goji Juice.

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Jun 03

Goji Juice is one of the most popular dietary supplements in the health world. Manufactured from the legendary goji berry, it’s widely announced as the most nutritionally opaque food on the earth. Thousands of families drink goji juice daily and because the juice is so tasty, most of them simply drink a few ounces of pure goji juice.

However, families with small kids might want to add additional excitement to their daily drinking of goji juice. This is where you creativity comes into action. There are several fun ways to drink goji juice, and one of the most popular is by making goji juice popsicles at you r home!

You can create a lot of food recipes for your kids from the Goji berry juice as it’s too boring to simply drink the goji juice regularly, locked into the same tedious routine. Where’s the excitement in that simple goji juice consumption? By making your kid’s daily goji juice consumption practice fun, they’ll look forward to it and be less likely to forget the essential goji juice.

You can add the goji juice a flavor to your homemade ice creams or ice pops; a home-produced summer favorite, popsicles that can be enjoyed by millions of children. By combining these homemade ice creams with the nutritional benefits of the goji juice, kids lea that maintaining good health can also be fun and yummy! And parents can join in the excitement too, and perhaps reflect on the healthier days of their own youth days with the help of Goji juice.

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Jun 01

Goji berry juice! Do you know that Goji juice benefits are not limited to just your general health and immune system? But Goji Juice can also be used to take care of problems with dry skin.  Some of the dry skin disorders that it can aid include:

Flaky skin
Cracked skin around the cuticles

This healthy Goji juice is packed with abundance of antioxidants and nutrients that work together to help nourish and cure dry skin complaints.  Free radicals are the key cause for aging skin. The antioxidants assist to drive out the free radicals. The goji berries from the goji juice include the antioxidants that aid to make this happen.

In addition to the antioxidants and nutrients, the Goji berry juice also holds minerals, vitamins, amino acids and polysaccharides, which is a potent source to struggle anti-aging.  There is also beta carotene that works to avoid the skin from sun damage.  Sun damage can be caused by sitting out in the sun for a long time.  Human growth hormones (HGH) effort to keep the skin soft and supple.  This brings about a more young-looking looks.

People have been known to use the Goji juice directly on their skin.  It has been known to be placed on cuticles and on parts where the skin is affected by a condition such as eczema or psoriasis.  The minerals work to provide power to areas that are weak.  Minerals also work to reduce inflamed skin areas as well as to repair areas of the skin that are dry and peeling.

The Goji juice, along with other health supplements that include goji berries work to revive the skin.  The skin has a perfect and even toned look.  The goji berry as a dried fruit can be found in skin-care products such as skin creams, lotions and other skin products.

These goji berry juice or other goji berry products work to provide moisture to the affected skin area.  They also guard the skin from unpleasant stresses in regard to the environment.  The Goji juice help to keep a balance and keep the skin supple.

Ceramide is an element used in the Goji berry products that helps to defend the skin from being scratched.  This ingredient holds antioxidants and moisturizers that help to execute that function.

Drinking the goji juice for a few weeks on a regular basis can help an individual have an even skin tone.  In addition to that, the goji juice can be used on cracked skin.  Administering it on a habitual basis can make over the skin from unwelcome to wanted.

Having dry skin or a associated condition can be uncomfortable and awkward, particularly when you’ve tried different formulas to correct the problem to no benefit.  By drinking the goji juice on a regular and constant basis, your skin can look perfect, smooth and lithe.  If you are careful about doing this, a youthful and fresh look awaits for your skin in form of goji juice.

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May 29

Modernization is brilliant, but there are also other factors in the up-to-the-minute life we live in that may issue our bodies to harm. Understanding what can damage us and what will aid us will be our best protection.

Free radicals, our body’s natural opponent subject our body to more than 10,000 hits during a typical day. If our body is not able to battle the damaging effect of free radicals, then it may give us disease and pre-maturely age our body as well as our skin.

The pristine valleys of Tibet and Mongolia have a way out to this problem.

What do you think is their top secret?

Introducing the Goji Juice, made from goji berries grown in the far-off and uncontaminated hills and valleys of Tibet and Mongolia. Food and Health Specialists who want to save the people who live in this modern society studied what must be amazing about these Himalayan Goji Juice and why do they live so long and free from ailments. Their studies confirm that their diet always include goji berries or Goji Berry Juice.

Further studies on goji berries demonstrate that they are nourishing and hold vital nutrients necessary to battle free radicals.

Goji juice encloses effective vitamins, and minerals like no other berry.

Goji juice also includes 18 amino acids, 8 of which are crucial for our bodies, but having all 18 adds to the valuable characteristic of this wonderful red Goji juice.

Based on studies by several health experts including Dr. Earl Mindell, the author of The Vitamin Bible, goji juice made from goji berries can grant your body all the nutrients it requires to help keep a healthy and blissful life.

Goji juice aside from the 18 amino acids also has 21 trace minerals, vitamins B1, B2, B6 and Vitamin E. All of these can aid give you healthy and energetic life.

Some of the advantageous effects of drinking the goji juice are:

Energy and Strength – goji juice is considered as an adaptogen. It improves exercise patience, energy and endurance. Goji juice may also boost the healing of ill patients.

Cholesterol level balance – goji juice may also assist manage your cholesterol level because it includes beta-sitosterol, which can aid in your cholesterol level stability. It will also help keep away from cholesterol deposit in the blood vessels, thus heart problems may be avoided.

Normal Kidney Function – your kidney is the main organ that may probably control the brain and other organs in the body. It is thus vital for better health that you keep your kidneys functioning properly. Goji juice is thought to be helpful in keeping this vital organ functioning properly.

Supports General Health – as mentioned before, free radicals damage our body in many ways. Thus, eliminating this natural rival will help keep our body strong and avoid diseases. Goji juice is a powerful antioxidant that may maintain our body healthy.

Other helpful factors which may come from the Goji juice are better sexual function, blood sugar level balance and vision problems.

This is because goji juice holds more beta-carotene even compared to a carrot. The vitamin C substances of goji juice, which is 500 times more in weight than orange, will help stay the immune system functioning properly to pass up illness.

These are only some of the helpful and beneficial functions of the Himalayan Goji Juice and because goji juice is safe even for kids.

If drinking this sweet and delicious goji juice stimulates you well enough, you can also consume goji berries with your food. You can eat them fresh or the dried goji berries are also available. You may use your creativity as to how you can benefit from this wonderful and incredible Goji berry juice.

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May 26

Himalayan Goji berry Juice is one of popular health fruit juice which is frequently used in medical. Some medical studies have proven that this Goji juice has some excellent benefits for our body. Goji Berry Fruit is also frequently known as wolfberry, Lycium barbarum, gou qi zi or Fructus lycii. But, the most popular name is Goji Berries or Goji Berry. And the most admired Goji Berries is which comes from Himalayan regions (Himalayan Goji Berries), and the Himalayan Goji Juice is the most common form of Goji Berries consumption.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Goji Berry Juice
According to some specialist doctors, Goji Berry juice has good benefits for our health, here are:

  • Take away Fatigue
  • Better Athletic Performance
  • Increased Ability to Focus
  • Boosted Energy
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Decrease in Stress
  • Feeling Calmer
  • Sharper Mental Acuity
  • Feeling Healthier
  • Easier Ability to Wake Up
  • Bowel Regularity
  • Feeling Happier
  • Feeling More Satisfied

These are only some of Himalayan Goji Berry Juice Benefits. That means, by consuming the Goji juice or all of supplements which contain Goji Berries our body will receive all of the benefits above.

There have been quite a few test tube studies that demonstrate that Goji Berry Juice contains antioxidants and that goji extracts may prevent the development of cancer cells, reduce blood glucose, and lower cholesterol levels. However, that doesn’t necessary mean that Goji berries will have the same benefits when taken as a juice or tea.

Himalayan Goji Juice is a good dietary supplement. It really works in our body. By drinking the Himalayan Goji Juice it’s so good for our health and overall wellbeing.

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May 21

Goji Berry is principally an eastern name, which has come in many eastern languages. This Goji plant is found particularly in the Himalayan regions where, the conditions have been the many suitable for the life of the Goji berry plants. Chinese naturopaths as well as healthcare specialists’ pretence Goji berry to be an aged Chinese fruit.

There have been the stories in Chinese myths, which praise the Goji berry as the seasoned offspring of immortality. Chinese naturopaths realize the Goji plants as there pill for the extended time as 250 years. On the other hand, there have been the people similar to Tibet, India as well as Nepal, which additionally have the Goji plant as their herbal as well as strong healthcare choice for prolonged time. Indian Ayurveda also recognizes Himalayan Goji berry as the really vital ripened offspring in Medicare.

To find the pure, organic Goji juice, it is necessary to buy it from the well-known organization as well as it should have the little of the products of naturopathy associated to the work. Himalayan Goji berry juice is the healthy product so it has the full outcome typically when it is perfect as well as fresh, for it we have to name the right choice by selecting your container of Himalayan goji berry juice from the right company. Currently Himalayan Goji juice can be found with the help of Internet though it is also accessible simply in the supermarkets, as well as there is the vast chance to get something wrong instead of pure Goji juice.

What Exactly Goji Berry Juice?
For the most likely successful pro-immune complement as well as anti-cancer properties, the Goji Berry Juice is promoted not long ago as well as is concerning renounced with time. One of the crucial successes of the goji juice is the certain effect upon Human Libido.

A compare of widespread Chinese disinfectant (TCM) for centuries, the North American disease as well as wellness consideration has only just incarcerated upon Goji berry juice as the successive large thing upon the basement of the unfair benefits. Often referenced is the box of the Chinese male declared Li Qing Yuen who lived to the actually grown up aged age of 252 and, it is credited to his daily expenditure of the Goji plant Berries and goji berry juice.

In regions where the Goji berry grows uncultivated, the internal people attribute to it by the impulsive name happy berry due to the satisfying, pacifist feeling ingesting them is supposed to persuade. The Goji berry is well-known in domestic festivals as well as the dusty fruits as well as bellow have been used as components in the lot of dishes as well as curative mixtures.

Goji Juice has no damaging effect as well as there is no agreed amount of consumption. Anyone can take the Goji juice in befitting quantity.

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May 20

In the moist valleys of the Himalayans grow a bush that bears an unassuming red berry that may be the greatest Superfood yet discovered: the Himalayan Goji berry.

Himalayan goji berries grow on bushes, and they are harvested in an only one of its kind way. Instead of being picked by hand, they are shaken from the bush to drop onto mats on the floor. They are basically too fragile to be picked by hand. The red berries that fall onto the grounds are dried in the sun, like raisins. Dried Himalayan goji berries look like bright red raisins and taste spicy, like a mix of raisins and cranberries.

The Himalayan goji berry can also be made into an appetizing juice. Himalayan goji juice is a delicious alternative approach to get all the nutrients of the goji berry. The Himalayan goji berry is packed full of nutrition, and so is the goji juice. The Himalayan goji berry juice includes high levels of B vitamins and vitamin C, and even contains large amounts of vitamin E, which is not common in fruits.

The Himalayan goji juice is very rich in antioxidants, two of which are beta carotene and Zeaxanthin. Both are vital for maintaining vision health and Zeaxanthin is one of two antioxidants found inside the human retina. The other is lutein, some of which is also found in the Himalayan goji berry. Antioxidants battle aging and ill health by ridding the body of free radicals, which are chemicals that circulate in the body and cause cellular DNA damage. Antioxidants not only wrestle free radicals, but they also undo some cellular damage.

Another great property of antioxidants is that they keep cellular yield at healthy levels. In the skin, this leads to greater regeneration of the skin and helps battle the visible effects of aging such as wrinkling. Antioxidants are also associated with good cardiovascular health; something Himalayan goji juice has long been used for.

The Himalayan goji juice has gained dramatic popularity in the West in recent years, as Westerners find out what Eastern health practitioners have known for centuries: goji berries encourage great health, long life, and even enhanced sexual strength. When added as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes a mostly fruit and vegetable based diet and regular work out, Himalayan goji juice can have great health benefits.

Himalayan goji juice has been used as a dietary supplement and has also been used in total body health detoxification practices. Habitual consumption of the Himalayan goji juice promotes strength, boost energy, feelings of emotional well-being, and tranquility.

A number of so-called Superfoods have had momentous press reporting in recent years. Both the Acai berry and the blueberry are awfully nutritious. While Himalayan goji juice is not a replacement for a balanced diet, it is a magnificent addition to the Superfood listings, and is sure to become an important player in nutritional health in the 21st century.

Since our diets not have enough fresh fruits and vegetables, adding nutrients to our diets has become increasingly frequent in the past hundred years. An average American consumes cold cereal for breakfast, candy bars for snacks, hamburger and fries for lunch and a TV dinner for supper. As you may have presume, this doesn’t provide your body with the nutrients found in our diets just hundred years ago so here this the time when it become an obligation to try Himalayan goji juice.

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