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Sep 27

Check out our new updated goji juice site! We just revamped it and added a lot of great info on there including a place where you can get a wide selection of goji juice.

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Also, we feel after 5 years that Amazon Thunder’s Acai Berry Juice is so powerful, that we are now recommending it over goji juice. It is 100% Organic and Kosher Certified and it is the purest product we have ever seen. See more about it here:

Acai Berry From Amazon Thunder

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Feb 13

We always hear from Acai lovers, read in articles, newspaper and watch Acai experts claiming that Acai berry from Brazil has the highest ORAC score means it possesses the highest amount of antioxidants among other fruits. But is this true? We have found that although the acai berry does have a very high ORAC level, goji berries, might be close. But overall it may be true that the acai berry does have a higher level of ORAC and antioxidants.

As Goji consumers try to buy USDA certified Goji berry products, the ones that are organic and original Goji berries not wolfberries.

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