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Jun 18

Goji Juice is the most recent health fad among superstars like Mischa Barton, who claim that her complexion is due to the regular drinking of the Goji juice. Thousands of human beings from the entire world are claiming that Goji juice has search and anti-aging powers; it gives you new energy, better sleep, improved digestion, and painless weight loss.

However, wholesalers and sellers of the Goji Berry Juice are not allowed to make claims that would relate the Goji juice with a treatment for any ailment or condition. But that doesn’t prevent them from doing it, as some go as far to say that Goji juice even heals cancer. There are no authentic studies that support that claim, however some Cancer Center sites note that the polysaccharides present in the Goji juice have shown helpful effects when used with certain cancer therapies, thus it is not responsible to claim that Goji juice cures cancer.

Lots of people who drink the Goji juice claim that the first thing they perceive is a big step up in their quality of sleep. Certainly, you will come across some distributors that claim Goji juice is an insomnia cure, which again is bogus claim because there is no practical data that would suggest that Goji juice cures anything. However, there does appear to be a large number of people who personally give evidence they are experiencing improved sleep by drinking Goji juice.

Matthew Silver, MD is a newly retired family doctor with more than 18 years of medical practice. He was recently also noted improvement in each one of those areas, most particularly, an instant improvement in his sleep.

Dr. Silver is not the only physician that reports benefits from the Goji berry fruit juice. But who can you trust? Do people usually post testimonials because they are advertising or selling something — like Goji juice?

Marc Westaway, MD is a registered medical practitioner in Queensland, Australia who is a strong supporter in natural approaches to healing. He also noticed a development in his sleeping patterns, as well as in energy levels. And now he often recommends it to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as those getting chemotherapy.

It is hard to decide whether or not these individual testimonies are real, the only thing you can do is do your personal research online, and you can usually find plenty of balanced information regarding the Goji juice.

You can also attempt to drink the Goji juice yourself to see the lives up to all the publicity, just make sure you are buying from a company who offers a money back warranty even if you drink the whole bottle!

To find out more details from on the Goji Juice you can visit http://gojijuiceinfo.org/.

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Jan 27

Goji juice made from Himalayan Goji berries is moving towards another important part of people who are finding it difficult to get rid of extra fats they have put onto their bodies. A new discovery about Goji berry juice is its abilities to contribute towards a successful weight loss program. Goji berry juice becomes really important for consumers who do not have required energy level or cannot control their eating sweetie food items.

Goji berry juice contains the lowest level of sugar or glucose among other health juices and it has good appetite properties. Goji juice promotes muscles which burn more fats and, it also promotes metabolic system which prevents the weight gaining.

Vitamin B1 found in Goji juice converts the carbohydrates into energy which ultimately can increase the exercise stamina; while calcium content of Goji juice lower fats level in human bodies. Goji berry juice also stops weight gaining by reducing stress which is also a main cause of fats development.

Goji berry can be found online with many health stores plus on different health food or grocery stores. Goji juice is also available in blend with other juices like Acai Goji juice or other fruit juices.

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Apr 05
This is a rare event in the goji juice industry when a company actually gets a clinical study published.
clipped from corporate.freelife.com

FreeLife GoChi Study Accepted for Publication in
Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

PHOENIX, AZ – March 18, 2008 – FreeLife International is pleased to announce that the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine (JACM) has accepted its recent GoChi Effect study for publication. The study will be published in the July/August 2008 issue.

Entitled “A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-controlled, Clinical Study of the General Effects of a Standardized Lycium barbarum (Goji) Juice, GoChi™”, this ground-breaking study shows that GoChi can improve one’s health and well-being in 13 key areas through a daily serving of just 4 ounces, in as little as 14 days.

“The publication of our study sets a new standard in the Direct Sales industry for the scientific validation of a product and clearly demonstrates the commitment FreeLife has to provide the most effective and clinically validated product available,” said CEO and Co-Founder Ray Faltinsky.
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Apr 05

This is a great video that shows the power of GoChi which is a powerful new form of goji juice throughout the medical community.

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Apr 05

Get all of the latest news and updates for GoChi and goji juice here!

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