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Apr 13

Quicker than a speedy bullet and speedier than a locomotive, able to jump tall build, these all are the traits of the Goji berry juice. This all seems to be imaginative but if you believe the mounting chatter surrounding Goji berries, they are the botanical equivalent of a typical superhero. This tiny, nourishing fruit has been a foundation of long-lived villagers in China and Mongolia for centuries, and while it might not seem to succeed for fresh-picked standing at first, its chartbuster nutritional summary makes it a must-have for the contemporary health-conscious food lovers.

Colloquially well-known as the “happy berry,” Goji berry is a minute, red berry about the size of a grape that is found in the mountain valleys of China and Mongolia: admired for millennia for its wide-ranging health benefits, Goji berry is celebrated in a two-week carnival in Ningxia, China. The harvesting process is only one of its kinds–the fruits cannot be picked, or they become faded and ineffective. Instead, they are gently shaken onto mats, then rinsed and sorted, and either used instantly or dried for later use.

One must wrap up that these sweet arts Goji berries have a high-flying beneficial effect, even before examining the scientific confirmation–denizens of the areas where Goji berry grow are surprisingly free from all sorts of ailments and maladies, and often live to be 100 years of age more. Studies are beginning to explain that the addition of Goji juice in their diet may play a considerable role.

In Chinese medicine, Goji berries are employed to take care of deficiencies of chi (vital energy or life force). Usually, this modest Goji berry fruit juice is used to reinforce the immune system, support heart health, improve mental acuity; maintain liver function, boost energy levels, and progress sexual function.

And there’s more study suggests that exclusive polysaccharides isolated from the Goji berries may hold shows potential cancer-preventive properties, plus anti-inflammatory and anti-aging constituents. All this and more in one minute Goji berry. Renowned dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, writer of 7 Secrets to Beauty, Health, and Longevity and other books, suggests Goji juice for its talent to stimulate the emission of human growth hormone (which is believed to slow down the classic aging, such as wrinkles).

Nutritionally, the Goji berry juice is nothing short of phenomenal. Goji juice encloses huge amounts of vitamin C (more than oranges), as well as all the antioxidant B vitamins; great doses of vitamin A, 18 amino acids, and 21 trace minerals. The Goji berry juice has more beta-carotene than carrots and is also high in protein, fiber, and iron (more than spinach).

Goji berries are available dried or in fluid form at your local health food marketplace. Some reports specify that the preferred selection is Lycium barbarum, but the data is varied and shortened. When it comes to the Goji berry juice, look for wholesomeness–the higher the percentage of Goji juice, the improved (100 percent goji juice is greatest). Many manufacturers mingle Goji juice with other fruit juices–read labels carefully to make sure you are getting an abundance amount of the Goji berry. While organic is preferable, it may also be difficult to find. Goji tea is another alternative commonly available at health food stores.

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Mar 31

Have you had your Goji berries this morning?  Individually, you can add a glass of Goji berry juice to power up you morning diet.  The Goji berry juice is made from the Goji berries that natively grown in central China, this reddish-orange fruit generally referred to as the Goji berry is actually the wolfberry, Lycium barbarum.  Goji juice is crowded with antioxidants like beta-carotene and lycopene, Goji juice continue to gain disrepute in the super foods group.  According to conventional Chinese medicine theory, Goji berry juices are beneficial for the liver and kidneys, moistening to the lungs, and supplement the yin. Typical historical include supporting longevity, dry skin, dizziness, reduced sexual desire, low back pain and chronic dry cough.  Some animal studies have exposed immune-boosting effects of Goji juice, likely credited to its high antioxidant content.  The Goji juice, dried Goji berries and root bark have the active constituents.

Many of the highly advertized health claims for Goji juice (use in cancer, diabetes, arthritis, digestive problems, and weight loss) have yet to be confirmed by medical studies in peer-reviewed journals According to a February 2008 article in the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, more forums to discuss the newest scientific study on the chemistry and biological and physiological functions of “super foods”, including Goji berries, are obligatory.  Goji berries can be consumed raw, in teas, tinctures, and with the Goji juice the most famous form of Goji berry consumption.  While this Goji berry juice is definitely a health fruit juice with considerable nutritional value, it can come at a premium cost.  Please feel free to share your experiences about Goji juice, especially any proposals for healthy treats with them.

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Dec 30

Goji berries are known to be a native fruit from China and Tibet; the people from these two areas have been using Goji berries for health purposes for a longer period of time. According to a research the most number of long lived people is found in China and Tibet compared to any other country in the world. Chinese and Tibetans give credit of their longetivity to the Goji berries. Goji berries grown in China are known as Himalayan Goji berries, while Goji grown in  Tibet are known as Tibetan Goji berries.

Tibetans use the Goji berries either by dissolving them into the water or just eat the fresh Goji berries. Tibetans Goji berries are one of the superfruits found on this planet. These berries are full of nutrients and packed with many health benefits.

Some of these benefits of Tibetan Goji Berries are;

They contribute towards the longetivity by performing positive activities against aging. They slow down the aging process or prevent the premature aging.

Tibetan Goji Berries help people to build up a strong resistance system against infections and diseases by improving their immune system.

Tibetan Goji Berries also leave positive effects on our nerve system, they improve our concentration, memory and even to some extent help people suffering from Alzheimer.

Goji Berries from Tibet also improve the overall blood circulation system in our body. aThis is because Goji berries have anti -coagulant properties.

Tibetan Goji Berries are also rich in minerals and have highest level of antioxidants, and fatty acids, all these nutrients make Goji berry to help people to cure many of their common diseases just like blood pressure and Cholesterol.

It is not an easy task for common public to have access to fresh and raw Goji berries outside their native area, so the best choice available with them is in some other forms like Goji Juice or dries Goji berries.

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Nov 24

I’m just curious what every day drinkers of Goji juice say about the drink and if they take anything else. Thanks.

“It’s very easy to write for some one that I have been taking Goji juice and I got these and these health benefits. This is very much true that Goji is full of antioxidants; contains 10 other amino acids which are essential for the life, it provide 500Vitamin C  times more then oranges. Goji also contains Betaine element, which is used by liver to produce choline; choline is a compound used to calm our nerves, improve memory and to protect against fatty liver diseases. Goji also helps to kill cancer cells. This is all what we hear and read about Goji.

I am placing some links of Journals and Magazines in which articles about Acai have been published… you can find those articles on http://www.gojihealthstories.com/research.htm.

Goji also appeared on Media…check it out at http://www.gojihealthstories.com/mediasave.htm…”

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