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Jun 29

Most times when your family physician prescribes a new medication for you, you can all set to read the stretched list of side effects the medicine may cause to ease the symptoms of something else.

General side effects that you’ll read about or even see on TV commercials lately for new drugs are cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. It’s unusual that we come across a form of prescribed medication that doesn’t have some depressing side effects.

However when we look to the world of natural supplements and herbs, there are fewer adverse side effects, and more times than not they can aid combat side effects of other medicines.

The Goji Berry Juice is one of these natural supplements that exhibit a powerful capability to help heal other diseases and alleviate particular side effects yet cause none of its own. A big example of this is with chemotherapy and the Goji Juice. It can in fact help offset the negative effects that chemotherapy leaves on the body.

Chemotherapy reduces the body’s ability of our bone marrow to produce new white blood cells. Therefore keeping our white blood cells count very low and ourselves in a much destabilized condition. With such a low count we are very much open to infections and other ailments.

One key feature of drinking the Goji Berry Juice is that it helps augment our white blood cell count. In turn by drinking the Goji Fruit Juice you help reinforce your immune system and helping your body ward off any potential infections you may be faced with while experiencing cancer treatment.

Another malicious side effect to chemotherapy is that it leaves the patient with tremendously low energy levels. Again Goji Berry Juice aids with energy levels. By adding a daily drink of the Goji Juice to your diet, you can heighten energy levels thanks to a key component of the Goji juice that is here to fight off fatigue notorious as lyceum.

Most know that the reason for chemotherapy is to help battle cancer. The key ingredients in the Goji Berry Juice are lyceum barbarum, these are very valuable antioxidants. These Goji Juice Antioxidants can really help to prevent the expansion of cancer cells in the liver, as well as leukemia.

Obviously if you are currently receiving chemotherapy as cancer healing; consult your doctor prior to drinking the Goji Juice to help shrink side effects. While there are no major acknowledged side effects to drinking the Goji Berry Juice, it’s always wise to consult a medical expert prior to making any sudden changes in your diet.

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Jun 18

Goji Juice is the most recent health fad among superstars like Mischa Barton, who claim that her complexion is due to the regular drinking of the Goji juice. Thousands of human beings from the entire world are claiming that Goji juice has search and anti-aging powers; it gives you new energy, better sleep, improved digestion, and painless weight loss.

However, wholesalers and sellers of the Goji Berry Juice are not allowed to make claims that would relate the Goji juice with a treatment for any ailment or condition. But that doesn’t prevent them from doing it, as some go as far to say that Goji juice even heals cancer. There are no authentic studies that support that claim, however some Cancer Center sites note that the polysaccharides present in the Goji juice have shown helpful effects when used with certain cancer therapies, thus it is not responsible to claim that Goji juice cures cancer.

Lots of people who drink the Goji juice claim that the first thing they perceive is a big step up in their quality of sleep. Certainly, you will come across some distributors that claim Goji juice is an insomnia cure, which again is bogus claim because there is no practical data that would suggest that Goji juice cures anything. However, there does appear to be a large number of people who personally give evidence they are experiencing improved sleep by drinking Goji juice.

Matthew Silver, MD is a newly retired family doctor with more than 18 years of medical practice. He was recently also noted improvement in each one of those areas, most particularly, an instant improvement in his sleep.

Dr. Silver is not the only physician that reports benefits from the Goji berry fruit juice. But who can you trust? Do people usually post testimonials because they are advertising or selling something — like Goji juice?

Marc Westaway, MD is a registered medical practitioner in Queensland, Australia who is a strong supporter in natural approaches to healing. He also noticed a development in his sleeping patterns, as well as in energy levels. And now he often recommends it to patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as those getting chemotherapy.

It is hard to decide whether or not these individual testimonies are real, the only thing you can do is do your personal research online, and you can usually find plenty of balanced information regarding the Goji juice.

You can also attempt to drink the Goji juice yourself to see the lives up to all the publicity, just make sure you are buying from a company who offers a money back warranty even if you drink the whole bottle!

To find out more details from on the Goji Juice you can visit http://gojijuiceinfo.org/.

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Jun 10

It was only two years back, almost no one in the Western society ever hear of a Goji berry or a Goji berry Juice. Often referred to as the fountain of youth Juice, the marvelous Goji Berry plant, native to the Tibetan and Mongolian Himalayas, is really making the prospect nowadays. Its Latin name is, Lycium Barbarum, there are over 40 different varieties, or strains, around the world for the Goji Berry.

What’s so special about the Goji Berry Juice? For one thing, the Goji Juice is the richest source of antioxidants of any food source yet exposed. Antioxidants counteract free radicals that can damage or destroy our DNA and healthy cells. This can lead to untimely aging, and increase the possibilities of being afflicted by cancer, heart ailment, HBP, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and many other maladies running battlement in our civilization. Another unique quality about the Goji juice is the four unique polysaccharides it owns. At least one of these can help in boosting the immune system. Another is identified to potentially stimulate the Pituitary Gland located in the anterior of the brain to raise the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). As we get adult our glands often produce fewer hormones, and the HGH the Master Hormone in our bodies, controls the function of the other hormones in our bodies.

The Baby Boomer Generation is as a rule coming into their 60s and 70s, and health distresses are taking main stage for many of them. Medical and pharmaceutical costs are going through the sky with no end in sight. When the HGH level in someone’s system lessens, aging may increase. Henceforth, when our HGH levels are augmented, many of the signs of aging can potentially decrease, and medical studies have shown that some of the signs of aging can even be overturned. Some people have practiced original hair color being re-established, eyesight improved, sounder sleep, high libido, reduction in chronic aches and pains, reduced wrinkling, improved energy levels, increased to illness and disease, improved mental alertness, and a better overall sense of well being after drinking the Goji juice.

In the Himalayas where the people there routinely have consumed the Goji Juice as a part of their normal diet, it is not rare for some of them living to 120 or so life spans. The oldest recorded living person is known to live to 252 years, and consumed the Goji berries and Goji juice on a regular basis. The Chinese Government honored the Goji juice 3 times with Longevity Certificates. It can be further noted that people in the Himalayas that usually dunked the Goji berry juice seldom acquire many of the dread diseases that are considered fatal in Western Society. While our health society busies itself with treating the symptoms with medicine and chemotherapy, surgery, and so onwards, wouldn’t it make more wisdom to look for what’s lacking in our diets and reinforce our defense systems against these infectious attackers. With more than 60 macro and trace minerals formerly in our soils, and commercial farming regularly replenishing only 3 of these minerals, it is no surprise why so many of our population are malnourished, even if they don’t know it, and why diseases rare in the pre-industrial revolution are now commonplace in today’s recent civilization.

The above mentioned benefits of the Goji Juice make it the perfect match for your good health. So Go ahead and give a try to Himalayan Goji Juice.

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Jun 08

The recent era decision-makers are always exhausted with all the stress and running around that forms a vital part of their hectic and demanding bother personal and professional lives. This causes premature aging and deprived energy levels for everything. Regularly consuming the Goji berries or Goji Berry Juice, the Himalayan marvel fruit with the highest nutrition value and antioxidant properties can convey new boosted energy levels and allow you to live a vigorous life and perform the daily grind with dynamism.

Many individuals who now drink the Goji Juice on a daily basis have observed better eyesight, restoration of hair color, enhanced libido, mood improvement, and obvious improvement in energy levels, improved sleeping habits and more enthusiasm for life.

After drinking the Goji Fruit Juice for about 2 months, many people report their diastolic blood pressure went from Stage II HBP with readings more than 100 to readings between 71 and 79, which is considered regular. They simply couldn’t imagine it! In the past, they used to try Omega 3′s, liquid multivitamins and minerals, Human Growth Capsules, and calcium, but nothing seemed to change their blood pressure. The only thing they did in their own way was drink about the Goji juice daily.

The Goji Berries are produced in lush and contamination free Tibetan Himalayas and imported in largeness by many manufactures of the Goji berry juice. These Goji juice and other Goji Berry products makers offer consumers in USA a chance to benefit from a livelier life by taking their daily intake of the dried Goji berries and Goji juice. The Goji juice is the most demanding Goji berry products and many people may favor it because of its taste.

A pure and organic Goji Juice tastes the sweetest because pure Goji berries are never touched by hands and are collected by shaking the vines and dried in shade. Many Goji berry juice stores also sell Goji seeds and seaweed fertilizer if you wish to grow Goji here in your backyards.

Consumers can also buy the Goji juice in small quantities from these online stores, or they can make ample savings by ordering a wholesale supply of their requirement.

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May 21

Goji Berry is principally an eastern name, which has come in many eastern languages. This Goji plant is found particularly in the Himalayan regions where, the conditions have been the many suitable for the life of the Goji berry plants. Chinese naturopaths as well as healthcare specialists’ pretence Goji berry to be an aged Chinese fruit.

There have been the stories in Chinese myths, which praise the Goji berry as the seasoned offspring of immortality. Chinese naturopaths realize the Goji plants as there pill for the extended time as 250 years. On the other hand, there have been the people similar to Tibet, India as well as Nepal, which additionally have the Goji plant as their herbal as well as strong healthcare choice for prolonged time. Indian Ayurveda also recognizes Himalayan Goji berry as the really vital ripened offspring in Medicare.

To find the pure, organic Goji juice, it is necessary to buy it from the well-known organization as well as it should have the little of the products of naturopathy associated to the work. Himalayan Goji berry juice is the healthy product so it has the full outcome typically when it is perfect as well as fresh, for it we have to name the right choice by selecting your container of Himalayan goji berry juice from the right company. Currently Himalayan Goji juice can be found with the help of Internet though it is also accessible simply in the supermarkets, as well as there is the vast chance to get something wrong instead of pure Goji juice.

What Exactly Goji Berry Juice?
For the most likely successful pro-immune complement as well as anti-cancer properties, the Goji Berry Juice is promoted not long ago as well as is concerning renounced with time. One of the crucial successes of the goji juice is the certain effect upon Human Libido.

A compare of widespread Chinese disinfectant (TCM) for centuries, the North American disease as well as wellness consideration has only just incarcerated upon Goji berry juice as the successive large thing upon the basement of the unfair benefits. Often referenced is the box of the Chinese male declared Li Qing Yuen who lived to the actually grown up aged age of 252 and, it is credited to his daily expenditure of the Goji plant Berries and goji berry juice.

In regions where the Goji berry grows uncultivated, the internal people attribute to it by the impulsive name happy berry due to the satisfying, pacifist feeling ingesting them is supposed to persuade. The Goji berry is well-known in domestic festivals as well as the dusty fruits as well as bellow have been used as components in the lot of dishes as well as curative mixtures.

Goji Juice has no damaging effect as well as there is no agreed amount of consumption. Anyone can take the Goji juice in befitting quantity.

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Apr 30

Many of the renowned health-giving properties of Goji Berry Juice are today being confirmed in modern scientific researches, and this has led to the likelihood of even more far-reaching health benefits.

Both species of Goji Berry are deciduous timbered perennial plants, growing 1-3 m high. L. Chinese is grown in the south of China and tends to be rather shorter.

In addition to being cultivated in China, Goji berries also grow on broad vines in the sheltered valleys of the Himalayas in Tibet, and in Mongolia. The round, red Goji berries are very gentle and must be shaken from the vine rather than picked in order to avoid blotting.

The Goji berry fruits are preserved by slowly drying them in the dark. Goji Berry has been consumed locally in the Himalayan and Tibetan regions for centuries and is celebrated in local carnivals. The Goji berry fruit is designated the “happy berry” because of the sense of wellbeing it is said to bring.

Goji Berry itself and Goji berry juice play vital roles in conventional Chinese medicine (TCM), where they are supposed to improve immune system function, aid better eyesight, defend the liver, increase sperm production, and improve circulation and endurance, among other effects. In TCM terms, Goji juice is sweet in taste and neutral in nature; Goji juice acts on the liver, lung, and kidney channels and supplement yin. Goji berry can be eaten raw, brewed into a tea, or prepared as a tincture or can be drunk as Juice.

The Goji juice has the following health goodness: Yin stimulant, develop better vision, increase sperm production, benefits skin tone, nourishes Liver and Kidney, refills vital essence (semen), potent antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, and improves blood circulation, anti-cancer properties.

One of the most well-known conventional properties of Goji fruit juice is its capability to progress vision. This has been recognized for over fifteen centuries. Modern scientific studies have at last supplied some confirmation to this property. It turns out Goji juice not only includes high amounts of b -carotene 8 mg/100g but this b -carotene is in a extremely biologically active form which is gladly utilized by the body.

Another renowned and long-documented time-honored property of Goji juice is its ability to “benefit skin tone and maintain one’s beauty”; Goji berry juice is also believed to have anti-aging properties. To drug-oriented American scientists, this indeed sounds absurd. But different studies have confirmed the Goji juice to have abundant health beneficial effects, including, antioxidant, immuno-potentiating, anti-mutagenic, hypoglycemic, hypoglycemic, hypertensive, etc., all of which donate to the slowing down of the aging process or aid us live longer.

The beautifying property of Goji fruit juice may have some scientific basis after all which may validate its use in skin-care beauty products, as new laboratory studies not only confirmed its antioxidant effect but also its skill to increase dermal hydroxyproline level in mice, indicating increased collagen synthesis. All these effects are excellent for the skin.

Some medicinal researches verify that Goji juice, a sweet stimulant decoction made from the Goji berry fruit has habitually been used to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

Goji juice acts mostly on the liver and kidneys. Goji fruit juice has traditionally been taken internally in the healing of high blood pressure, diabetes, deprived eyesight, vertigo, lumbago, weakness and menopausal complaints.

Goji berry fruit is harvested when fully ready and is dried for afterward use. The Goji berry root bark is a bitter, cooling, antibacterial herb that manages coughs and lowers fevers, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It is taken internally in the cure of chronic fevers, internal hemorrhages, nosebleeds, tuberculosis, coughs, asthma etc. It is applied on body to heal genital itching. The Goji berry bark is harvested in the winter and dried for later use. It has diuretic and purgative properties.

The Goji berry juice has a long past record of therapeutic use, both as a general, energy restoring tonic and also to heal a wide range of diseases from skin rashes and vision problems to diabetes.

The goji berry juice is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals, particularly in vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids and other bio-active compounds. Goji juice is also an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which is very odd for a fruit juice. Goji berry juice is being explored as a health juice that is capable of reducing the frequency of cancer and also as a means of halting or reversing the expansion of cancers.

Some of the health care benefits of Goji berry juice are: restrain tumor growth, thwart cancer, deactivate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, aid normalize blood pressure, help balance blood sugar, fight autoimmune disease, act as an anti-inflammatory, balance immune function, lower cholesterol and blood lipids, boost calcium absorption.

The Goji berry juice can also be used in the cases of general weakness, lack of energy, back and joints pain, tinnitus, dizziness, diabetes, blurred vision, cough, wet dreams, sexual inadequacies. The internal health benefits are the following – Toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The external benefits are: – Burns, ulcers, bedsores, frostbite, furuncles.

Many sources note that the Goji berry juice encloses a full protein (as opposed to limited proteins as in bread). Moreover, several other beneficial compounds are reported to have been exposed in the Goji juice analysis by the Beijing Nutrition Research Institute: they are

Selenium and Germanium: These are renowned anti-cancer agents.

Beta Sitosterol: This anti-inflammatory agent has been found to lesser cholesterol, and has been used to treat weakness and prostate enlargement.

Zeaxanthin and Lutine: Have been recognized to look after the eyes.

Betaine: manufactures Choline in the liver, which assists detoxification processes there. It is also recognized to defend DNA, improve memory, encourage muscle development and protect against fatty liver ailment.

Cyperone: Used in healing of cervical cancer. It is known to help blood pressure, heart and menstruation problems.

Solavetivone: An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.

Physalin: A compound known to improve the immune system. Also found helpful in treating leukemia, cancer and hepatitis B.

One of the most celebrated and highly used nutritional supplements out of Goji berries is Goji juice. The natural Goji juice flavoring system gives an always tasty flavor, and works with the product to improve its already amazing health benefits.

There is not at all any added sugar, synthetic sweeteners, colors, or flavors in the naturally formed Goji Juice.

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Mar 16

Science now knows that there are four different phases that must be attended together for winning weight management. If you have been on diet plans that have disastrous, it’s because they only deal with one or two parts of the equation. But now, at last, your weight problem is nowhere; Health juice  science has discovered the way to help you to drop weight, and its name is Goji juice.

The Goji juice is complete health diet and unlike any other health juice you have ever tried, the complete Goji  juice plan addresses all of the key aspects of successful weight control and other health issues. The current weight management claims  of the Goji Juice are based on different studies and research on the ability of the Goji berry Juice to reduce unsightly and unhealthy tummy fat; Goji Berry juice helps you to achieve your ideal healthy weight in four important ways:

Fights Abdominal Fat: Goji juice contains exclusive Goji berry extracts that have clinically shown to lessen the body’s making of stress hormones that cause you to build up unhealthy belly fat. Other ingredients act on digestive tract enzymes to facilitate and reduce the quantity of calories absorbed from starchy or fatty foods.

Improves Metabolism: Clinical results on Goji Juice have confirmed a dramatic and considerable increase in the body’s calorie burning ability as compared to other fruit juices by giving you the energy to take full advantage of your exercises performance.

Helps Control Craving: Goji juice supports an cheerful mood, suppressing appetite and between-meal hungers to help you to cut unnecessary calories.

Cleanses and Replenishes: Goji juice extra fiber provides kind cleansing and detoxifying action to support regularity and health while slowing the absorption of food to pick up metabolism.

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Mar 11

Goji berries or theoretically known as Lycium barbarum (Latin) has always been well thought-out a wonder fruit. There are many traditions built around Goji berries and even galas are held in its admiration. And if that is not sufficient even a legendary Chinese poet of the Tang dynasty (772-842 AD) wrote a poem devoted to its benefits. There is a legend around it. It was during the Tang Dynasty that something surprising happened.

A famous Buddhist shrine had a well dug near its fence. The wall was roofed with Goji vines and Goji berries used to fall into the well for years. What was amazing was that monks living in the holy place always stayed in good health and even in older age no one had a single white hair and most had not missed a single tooth. Why was that so? Well, because they usded to drink water from the well, where Goji Berries used to fell.

Himalayans were possibly the first natural healers of the world and they disseminated their information to herbalists of China, India and Tibet. And what was their one cure all top secret? Well, it was Goji berries that were the national of Himalayas. And when people came to the Himalayan valleys and identified the  value of Goji berries, they took the vines to their homes and planted it there. That is how the knowledge about Goji berries multiplied.

The significance of Goji berries for people of Central Asia could be judged from the reality that they rejoice for two week each year in tribute to Goji berries. Scientists found out four most important bioactive polysaccharides in Lycium barbarum. These were recognized as Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP). These exceptional compounds in fact manage most of the biochemical resistance systems of our body.

And the knowledge that Goji berries are not restricted to herbalists simply. Major universities have undertaken study on Goji berries and they have actually come to the same finale. There have been over fifty studies related to Goji berries and have been published in more or less all the better reputed health magzines.  Some of these journals include: International Immunopharmacology, Journal of Ethano pharmacology, British Journal of nutrition, China Pharmacology and Toxicology, Journal of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Herb News Magazine Research Communications Molecular Pathology and Pharmacology Chinese Patent Herbs, Nature Reviews Drugs, Chinese Herbs, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Chinese Oncology Magazine, Physiology Academic Journal Chinese Stomatology, Hygiene Research and a whole lot more.

You can find plenty or informations about about Goji berries in the book “Goji: The Himalayan Health Secret” written by Dr. Mindell. He writes in the book that there are many longest living people in the globe who have been consuming this red fruit on an every day basis. Goji berry is no doubt the most successful anti-aging food in the world. What is more it is perhaps the most nutritionally intense food at hand.

Some of the key nutrients found in Goji berry juice are the glyconutrients and the phytonutrients. Glyconutrients supply the body with eight vital sugars that are compulsory for human development while the twenty two phytonutrients assist in intercellular communication.

Let us have a glance at some of the health benefits of Goji fruit  juice.

Enhances your immune system to battle diseases
Potent antioxidant helping in fighting early ageing.
Adjusts blood pressure
Regulates blood sugar at the early stages of diabetes
Prevents DNA transformation, inhibits tumor expansion and control peroxidation of lipids. All this helps in preventing the threat of cancer
Confidently affect vision and cardiac functions and also works wonders for headaches and insomnia.
Sexual health and productiveness is improved
Weight regulation
Improves dry cough
Improves digestive scheme and also improves memory.

Let us have a gaze at the composition of Goji berry juice to realize why it is so valuable.

Germanium, which is not originated in any other fruit
Carotenoids like beta carotene and vitamin C
Four key polysaccharides named LBP1, LBP2, LBP3 and LBP4. These are the vital for first-class health.
19 amino acids that also includes the eight most crucial amino acids. Also contains about twenty one minerals in traces including copper, selenium, zinc, phosphorus and others.
Zeaxanthin which is very useful for the eyes, B-complex and fatty acids.
Vitamin E, seldom found in fruits. It is usually found in nuts and seeds.
Cyperone, Beta-Sitosterol (anti-inflammatory), Solavetivone, Betaine (cardiovascular system), Linoleic acid (weightloss) and Physalin.
Iron concentration is about 11 mg per 100 gm of fruit which is far above the ground.

You can easily obtain Goji juice from health stores and fitness centers, and there are many online stores that can offer you with Goji juice. It is suggested to drink two to four ounce every day but there are no side effects of bigger dosages. Most of the people start feeling the health benefits of the Goji Juice within a single month.

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