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Jul 06

The Himalayan Goji Juice and Goji berries appear to all over the place, from Opera and Dr.Oz to Time Magazine.  Now on peak of all the media excitement, there are double blind studies showing that the Goji Juice does deliver on the promise of optimal health. The finding is in, with over 90 articles published in the national library of medicine, scientists are now realizing what the Chinese have been practicing for years. However there is a lot to reflect on before you rush out and buy any Himalayan Goji Juice Product, most people don’t realize that not all Goji Juice products and/or Goji berries will yield the same health benefits. However show appreciations to science and with an alert eye it’s not inflexible to find the best ones.

The top secret you need to know before you even think to buy Himalayan Goji Juice is that the success of the product in any case of which one, comes from the 4 unique polysaccharides that exist within the Goji Berry Juice. The major isolation between a great Himalayan Goji Juices vs. a lesser quality Goji juice product is based on the quantity of Polysaccharides that are found in the bottle.  These are the keys to the Goji Juice health benefits so when researching a product, look to see if they have a system to ensure the polysaccharides are in a balanced state.  Why? Because if they merely squeezing Goji berry into a bottle and call it Himalayan Goji Juice you may be wasting your dollars. Don’t be tricked by the “100% Goji juice” and “Pure Goji Juice” selling hype – it doesn’t mean squat. If you are paying for pulp, seeds and skin – you are losing out on what’s essential.

Make sure there is a solid money back warranty If you are going to buy Himalayan Goji Juice confirm you have enough time to see the results and make sure you can get your money back if don’t see the promised health benefits. In some situations it can take up to 90 days to see key results, everyone body works in different ways – however, a lot of individuals notice results in 3 days.  It’s reasonable to say that if you are going to give it a fair shot ensure you have a 60 to 90 day money back guarantee.

You should start seeing minor health benefits almost instantly (within one week) from when you start taking the Goji Juice.  People who drink the Himalayan Goji Juice almost always see boosted energy as well as improved sleep and less stress. Dr.Oz from Opera suggested the Himalayan Goji Juice product on national TV to Ben Gordon, well-known scorer for the Chicago Bulls, who requested information on his diet. According to him Himalayan Goji Juice is most potent antioxidant fruit juice that we know.

Some other health benefits you can expect to see are better sleep and poor memory, it also helps in purification of the blood and creating a stronger immune system as well as enhances sexual performance.

It’s also vital to ensure you are getting a uniform Goji juice product. You don’t want to get results from one bottle and then none in the next 3 – most Himalayan Goji Juice products are not standardized so this can help you remove some brands easily. There are many great brand names of Goji Juice out there however Goji of Himalayan decent is known to be the finest.

Thanks to science the features of the Goji berry have been demystified and the health benefits of the Himalayan Goji Juice will only get stronger as science continues to validate what the Himalayans have written about for 1000s of years.

People looking to buy Himalayan Goji Juice may at first think it is rather luxurious however it is a solid savings in your health, if the cost is too high for you then eating Goji Berries is better than nothing.

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Jun 12

The Goji Berry has been respected throughout Asia for its unrivaled ability to encourage wellness and balance the body’s energies, particularly the “vital life force” known as chi. Some initial studies have revealed that the secret to Goji Juice’s powerful health benefits lies in a group of matchless bioactive molecules, not found in any other plant on earth, called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP). The Goji Berry Juice contains the full range of LBP to distribute a consistently high potency and ideal balance of these all-essential nutrients.

People from the whole world have experienced the health results with the Himalayan Goji Juice, making it the top selling, number one goji berry product in the world. And now, the best has gotten even better with Himalayan Goji Berry Juice.

Developed as a result of extensive worldwide research efforts, Himalayan Goji Juice represents the Next invention of conventional Goji Berry Juice. Goji Juice is delivering an extraordinary potency and balance of the unique LBP Lycium barbarum polysaccharides) in the goji berries.

The ancient Chinese term for “vital life force,” Himalayan Goji Juice contains all the goodness of pure and natural Goji Juice, and so much more!

Himalayan Goji Juice has much more LBP (active ingredient) than any other Goji Juice Product.

Himalayan Goji Juice is Preservative free, kosher certified and Halal and comes with a great taste.

Benefits for the healthy life are hidden in each bottle of the Himalayan Goji Juice.

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Jun 01

Goji berry juice! Do you know that Goji juice benefits are not limited to just your general health and immune system? But Goji Juice can also be used to take care of problems with dry skin.  Some of the dry skin disorders that it can aid include:

Flaky skin
Cracked skin around the cuticles

This healthy Goji juice is packed with abundance of antioxidants and nutrients that work together to help nourish and cure dry skin complaints.  Free radicals are the key cause for aging skin. The antioxidants assist to drive out the free radicals. The goji berries from the goji juice include the antioxidants that aid to make this happen.

In addition to the antioxidants and nutrients, the Goji berry juice also holds minerals, vitamins, amino acids and polysaccharides, which is a potent source to struggle anti-aging.  There is also beta carotene that works to avoid the skin from sun damage.  Sun damage can be caused by sitting out in the sun for a long time.  Human growth hormones (HGH) effort to keep the skin soft and supple.  This brings about a more young-looking looks.

People have been known to use the Goji juice directly on their skin.  It has been known to be placed on cuticles and on parts where the skin is affected by a condition such as eczema or psoriasis.  The minerals work to provide power to areas that are weak.  Minerals also work to reduce inflamed skin areas as well as to repair areas of the skin that are dry and peeling.

The Goji juice, along with other health supplements that include goji berries work to revive the skin.  The skin has a perfect and even toned look.  The goji berry as a dried fruit can be found in skin-care products such as skin creams, lotions and other skin products.

These goji berry juice or other goji berry products work to provide moisture to the affected skin area.  They also guard the skin from unpleasant stresses in regard to the environment.  The Goji juice help to keep a balance and keep the skin supple.

Ceramide is an element used in the Goji berry products that helps to defend the skin from being scratched.  This ingredient holds antioxidants and moisturizers that help to execute that function.

Drinking the goji juice for a few weeks on a regular basis can help an individual have an even skin tone.  In addition to that, the goji juice can be used on cracked skin.  Administering it on a habitual basis can make over the skin from unwelcome to wanted.

Having dry skin or a associated condition can be uncomfortable and awkward, particularly when you’ve tried different formulas to correct the problem to no benefit.  By drinking the goji juice on a regular and constant basis, your skin can look perfect, smooth and lithe.  If you are careful about doing this, a youthful and fresh look awaits for your skin in form of goji juice.

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May 26

Himalayan Goji berry Juice is one of popular health fruit juice which is frequently used in medical. Some medical studies have proven that this Goji juice has some excellent benefits for our body. Goji Berry Fruit is also frequently known as wolfberry, Lycium barbarum, gou qi zi or Fructus lycii. But, the most popular name is Goji Berries or Goji Berry. And the most admired Goji Berries is which comes from Himalayan regions (Himalayan Goji Berries), and the Himalayan Goji Juice is the most common form of Goji Berries consumption.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Goji Berry Juice
According to some specialist doctors, Goji Berry juice has good benefits for our health, here are:

  • Take away Fatigue
  • Better Athletic Performance
  • Increased Ability to Focus
  • Boosted Energy
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Decrease in Stress
  • Feeling Calmer
  • Sharper Mental Acuity
  • Feeling Healthier
  • Easier Ability to Wake Up
  • Bowel Regularity
  • Feeling Happier
  • Feeling More Satisfied

These are only some of Himalayan Goji Berry Juice Benefits. That means, by consuming the Goji juice or all of supplements which contain Goji Berries our body will receive all of the benefits above.

There have been quite a few test tube studies that demonstrate that Goji Berry Juice contains antioxidants and that goji extracts may prevent the development of cancer cells, reduce blood glucose, and lower cholesterol levels. However, that doesn’t necessary mean that Goji berries will have the same benefits when taken as a juice or tea.

Himalayan Goji Juice is a good dietary supplement. It really works in our body. By drinking the Himalayan Goji Juice it’s so good for our health and overall wellbeing.

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May 12

Who can drink the Goji Juice, is this suitable for people of any age? The answer to this is simply about everyone. Goji berry juice has health benefits that can be enjoyed by adults, kids, older and yes-even pets.

Goji Juice for Kids:
Children naturally are very dynamic and usually full of energy. Being young absolutely has its advantages. However it also has its disadvantages too. Because kids are usually more active than adults that means that they are burning more calories which is good but they are also burning up the minerals and necessary vitamins that their bodies require not only to keep them healthy for now but to also supply them with enough back stock of the much needed nutrients to aid them during the growth spurts that all children go through. Goji Juice can help Children bodies by supplying them with 19 amino acids, which by the way some of these amino acids our bodies cannot imitate so they have to be consumed by the food that we consume. Also Goji berry juice includes 21 trace minerals, and is rated one of the richest antioxidant food sources on the earth. Antioxidants are great for helping the body improve its immune system and that will in turn aid your kids from getting sick as frequently. Now most parents would be saying to themselves this all sounds great but how am I going make my kids drink the Goji juice. That problem is already resolved because Goji Berry Juice is made out of goji berries, which is a great tasting fruit. You will not have to exchange blows with your children to take goji juice they will ask for it.

Goji Juice and Adults:

One of the main problems that most Adults face is a retreating level of natural energy. Although hard for many to deal with it is an ordinary problem with getting adult. Most adults fill this lack of natural energy with things such as caffeine and other products that are not good for their overall health. And which also causes other problems such as weight gains and heart disorders just to name a few. Goji Juice benefits adult in a similar manner as children. It can aid with your better immune system, heighten energy and help aid in weight loss just to name a few. Goji juice also holds some vital vitamins such as B1, C, E, B2, and B6.

Goji Juice for Older:
Because Goji Juice has Antioxidants and Polysaccharides it can assist seniors by stimulating the interleukin-2 and gamma interferon cells within your body to battle against these aging problems and reduce your chances of autoimmune problems. The Goji berry juice antioxidants also assist to boost your immunity levels, which is very significant for seniors.

Possible Side Effects of the Goji berry Juice:
This is a very frequent question that is asked by many individuals. Everyone has fears about if Goji Juice will cause any unpleasant reactions with the medicines that they are taking. The only one that has been found is possible reactions to anticoagulant drugs (usually called “blood-thinners”), such as warfarin (Coumadin®). So if you have any concerns about this you should consult with your doctor before start drinking the Goji berry juice.

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Apr 30

Many of the renowned health-giving properties of Goji Berry Juice are today being confirmed in modern scientific researches, and this has led to the likelihood of even more far-reaching health benefits.

Both species of Goji Berry are deciduous timbered perennial plants, growing 1-3 m high. L. Chinese is grown in the south of China and tends to be rather shorter.

In addition to being cultivated in China, Goji berries also grow on broad vines in the sheltered valleys of the Himalayas in Tibet, and in Mongolia. The round, red Goji berries are very gentle and must be shaken from the vine rather than picked in order to avoid blotting.

The Goji berry fruits are preserved by slowly drying them in the dark. Goji Berry has been consumed locally in the Himalayan and Tibetan regions for centuries and is celebrated in local carnivals. The Goji berry fruit is designated the “happy berry” because of the sense of wellbeing it is said to bring.

Goji Berry itself and Goji berry juice play vital roles in conventional Chinese medicine (TCM), where they are supposed to improve immune system function, aid better eyesight, defend the liver, increase sperm production, and improve circulation and endurance, among other effects. In TCM terms, Goji juice is sweet in taste and neutral in nature; Goji juice acts on the liver, lung, and kidney channels and supplement yin. Goji berry can be eaten raw, brewed into a tea, or prepared as a tincture or can be drunk as Juice.

The Goji juice has the following health goodness: Yin stimulant, develop better vision, increase sperm production, benefits skin tone, nourishes Liver and Kidney, refills vital essence (semen), potent antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, and improves blood circulation, anti-cancer properties.

One of the most well-known conventional properties of Goji fruit juice is its capability to progress vision. This has been recognized for over fifteen centuries. Modern scientific studies have at last supplied some confirmation to this property. It turns out Goji juice not only includes high amounts of b -carotene 8 mg/100g but this b -carotene is in a extremely biologically active form which is gladly utilized by the body.

Another renowned and long-documented time-honored property of Goji juice is its ability to “benefit skin tone and maintain one’s beauty”; Goji berry juice is also believed to have anti-aging properties. To drug-oriented American scientists, this indeed sounds absurd. But different studies have confirmed the Goji juice to have abundant health beneficial effects, including, antioxidant, immuno-potentiating, anti-mutagenic, hypoglycemic, hypoglycemic, hypertensive, etc., all of which donate to the slowing down of the aging process or aid us live longer.

The beautifying property of Goji fruit juice may have some scientific basis after all which may validate its use in skin-care beauty products, as new laboratory studies not only confirmed its antioxidant effect but also its skill to increase dermal hydroxyproline level in mice, indicating increased collagen synthesis. All these effects are excellent for the skin.

Some medicinal researches verify that Goji juice, a sweet stimulant decoction made from the Goji berry fruit has habitually been used to lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

Goji juice acts mostly on the liver and kidneys. Goji fruit juice has traditionally been taken internally in the healing of high blood pressure, diabetes, deprived eyesight, vertigo, lumbago, weakness and menopausal complaints.

Goji berry fruit is harvested when fully ready and is dried for afterward use. The Goji berry root bark is a bitter, cooling, antibacterial herb that manages coughs and lowers fevers, blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. It is taken internally in the cure of chronic fevers, internal hemorrhages, nosebleeds, tuberculosis, coughs, asthma etc. It is applied on body to heal genital itching. The Goji berry bark is harvested in the winter and dried for later use. It has diuretic and purgative properties.

The Goji berry juice has a long past record of therapeutic use, both as a general, energy restoring tonic and also to heal a wide range of diseases from skin rashes and vision problems to diabetes.

The goji berry juice is a very rich source of vitamins and minerals, particularly in vitamins A, C and E, flavonoids and other bio-active compounds. Goji juice is also an excellent source of essential fatty acids, which is very odd for a fruit juice. Goji berry juice is being explored as a health juice that is capable of reducing the frequency of cancer and also as a means of halting or reversing the expansion of cancers.

Some of the health care benefits of Goji berry juice are: restrain tumor growth, thwart cancer, deactivate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, aid normalize blood pressure, help balance blood sugar, fight autoimmune disease, act as an anti-inflammatory, balance immune function, lower cholesterol and blood lipids, boost calcium absorption.

The Goji berry juice can also be used in the cases of general weakness, lack of energy, back and joints pain, tinnitus, dizziness, diabetes, blurred vision, cough, wet dreams, sexual inadequacies. The internal health benefits are the following – Toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The external benefits are: – Burns, ulcers, bedsores, frostbite, furuncles.

Many sources note that the Goji berry juice encloses a full protein (as opposed to limited proteins as in bread). Moreover, several other beneficial compounds are reported to have been exposed in the Goji juice analysis by the Beijing Nutrition Research Institute: they are

Selenium and Germanium: These are renowned anti-cancer agents.

Beta Sitosterol: This anti-inflammatory agent has been found to lesser cholesterol, and has been used to treat weakness and prostate enlargement.

Zeaxanthin and Lutine: Have been recognized to look after the eyes.

Betaine: manufactures Choline in the liver, which assists detoxification processes there. It is also recognized to defend DNA, improve memory, encourage muscle development and protect against fatty liver ailment.

Cyperone: Used in healing of cervical cancer. It is known to help blood pressure, heart and menstruation problems.

Solavetivone: An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.

Physalin: A compound known to improve the immune system. Also found helpful in treating leukemia, cancer and hepatitis B.

One of the most celebrated and highly used nutritional supplements out of Goji berries is Goji juice. The natural Goji juice flavoring system gives an always tasty flavor, and works with the product to improve its already amazing health benefits.

There is not at all any added sugar, synthetic sweeteners, colors, or flavors in the naturally formed Goji Juice.

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Apr 17

Goji Juice is formally called a super fruit Juice because of their wide-ranging nutritional health benefits. Many people are ignorant that Goji berry juice even exists. Those that are may pass up the Goji Berry juice because the conventional Chinese variety of the Goji berry fruit that have a particularly acidic taste. That is where Goji juice comes in. Even those who are reluctant to experiment with an unusual berry are expected to benefit from this stimulating health boosting Goji berry juice.

Obviously, it is clear that Goji juice holds Goji berries. However, we should also look closely at what exactly is inside the Goji Berry Juice. First, Goji juice includes polysaccharides. These unique scientific “sugars” are important for controlling the pituitary gland. The pituitary is the parts of our body that manufactures Human Growth Hormone, which can aid our bodies, stay away from premature aging. Goji juice is also extremely high in antioxidants, which deactivate free radicals. Free radicals are responsible for much of the aging process, including noticeable signs of aging on the skin.

Not only does Goji Berry Fruit Juice slow down signals of aging, it can also aid you keep on energized. When you wrestle fatigue, you have more inspiration to stay vigorous, work out, and keep your body in top notch state. The Goji juice has added vitamin C than oranges do, and vitamin C is renowned for its talent to boost immunity. Goji berry juice is also good in beta carotene, which can defend our eyes and heart, and iron, which averts anemia and keeps skin and hair healthy.

Looking for other vitamins in the Goji Berry Health Juice? This Goji Fruit Drink has an incredible B vitamin complex, which is great for increasing energy and alleviating depression. Goji Juice also has selenium. Don’t believe Goji juice is just for those who are aged sick, or anxious about aging. Actually, Goji juice is great for kids as well.

Scholl Going Children who sip Goji juice seem to achieve better in school because this Goji berry juice can assist their body enhance their mental sharpness. Plus, Goji juice is not laden with sugar. This means Goji juice is not going to make kids overexcited or lead to dental disorders. Goji Juice is also much easier to get kids to sip juice than consume the actual Goji berries, and you can dig up your family into Goji juice by adding it to homemade recipes. Some people even use it to put together gelatin dessert!

In Asia, the Goji berry Juice’s native home, earliest who used the Goji juice are said to have lived to be more than 100 years old. Besides Asia, Goji berries also produce in Tibet, Himalayan Mountains, India, Mongolia and the UK. The bushes in the UK are used generally for decorations in people’s backyards. The other countries cultivate the bushes for business or local consumption. Tibet, the Himalayan area and Asia produce most of the Goji berries that are used globally, mainly those made into Goji juices.

Goji berry bushes grow in well drained, yet damp, sandy soil with hot, humid summer weather. Even though these Goji berry bushes require heat in the summer, they are strong bushes that blossom best with harsh, cold winters. In spring, the Goji berry bushes produce cone shaped white and violet flowers, which in the end full-grown into small, red bunch of Goji berries. To avoid staining, the Goji berries are picked by hand in late summer at full ripeness and used for local consumption and for exportation to make Goji juice.

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Mar 02

The herbal medicine practitioners from China, India and Tibet, have been using the Goji berries for 6,000 years as a part of their medicines to cure diseases. Goji berries have abundant quantities of the antioxidants, mainly Carotenoids such as beta-carotene and Zeaxanthin that protects the eye retina by absorbing blue light and also acts as an antioxidant for the human body. An increased ingestion of zeathanthin foods can help to develop fewer chances of different eyes diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in people over the age of 65.

In recent years, Goji berry juice has become well accepted popular as a health drink. Goji juice has been confirmed to protect the liver, help eyesight, improve sexual function and fertility, strengthen the legs, boost immune function, improve circulation and increase longevity chances. The presence of 4 polysaccharides (carbohydrates) in the Goji juice, as absolutely unique ingredient is the main power of this fruit to provide unique health benefits. These polysaccharides are made up of various mono saccharides, connected by glycosidic bonds. The Goji berry health juice also contains 19 amino acids, which are building blocks of protein, and this protein content of the Goji juice is more than the protein content of the wheat. The Goji berry juice also contains vitamin C, even more than orange. The Goji berry fruit juice also provides 21 minerals which together costs for a healthy living.

The Goji berry juice is an excellent healer and its health benefits cannot be overlooked, because Goji juice has direct and immediate effects on human health.

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