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Jun 10

It was only two years back, almost no one in the Western society ever hear of a Goji berry or a Goji berry Juice. Often referred to as the fountain of youth Juice, the marvelous Goji Berry plant, native to the Tibetan and Mongolian Himalayas, is really making the prospect nowadays. Its Latin name is, Lycium Barbarum, there are over 40 different varieties, or strains, around the world for the Goji Berry.

What’s so special about the Goji Berry Juice? For one thing, the Goji Juice is the richest source of antioxidants of any food source yet exposed. Antioxidants counteract free radicals that can damage or destroy our DNA and healthy cells. This can lead to untimely aging, and increase the possibilities of being afflicted by cancer, heart ailment, HBP, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and many other maladies running battlement in our civilization. Another unique quality about the Goji juice is the four unique polysaccharides it owns. At least one of these can help in boosting the immune system. Another is identified to potentially stimulate the Pituitary Gland located in the anterior of the brain to raise the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). As we get adult our glands often produce fewer hormones, and the HGH the Master Hormone in our bodies, controls the function of the other hormones in our bodies.

The Baby Boomer Generation is as a rule coming into their 60s and 70s, and health distresses are taking main stage for many of them. Medical and pharmaceutical costs are going through the sky with no end in sight. When the HGH level in someone’s system lessens, aging may increase. Henceforth, when our HGH levels are augmented, many of the signs of aging can potentially decrease, and medical studies have shown that some of the signs of aging can even be overturned. Some people have practiced original hair color being re-established, eyesight improved, sounder sleep, high libido, reduction in chronic aches and pains, reduced wrinkling, improved energy levels, increased to illness and disease, improved mental alertness, and a better overall sense of well being after drinking the Goji juice.

In the Himalayas where the people there routinely have consumed the Goji Juice as a part of their normal diet, it is not rare for some of them living to 120 or so life spans. The oldest recorded living person is known to live to 252 years, and consumed the Goji berries and Goji juice on a regular basis. The Chinese Government honored the Goji juice 3 times with Longevity Certificates. It can be further noted that people in the Himalayas that usually dunked the Goji berry juice seldom acquire many of the dread diseases that are considered fatal in Western Society. While our health society busies itself with treating the symptoms with medicine and chemotherapy, surgery, and so onwards, wouldn’t it make more wisdom to look for what’s lacking in our diets and reinforce our defense systems against these infectious attackers. With more than 60 macro and trace minerals formerly in our soils, and commercial farming regularly replenishing only 3 of these minerals, it is no surprise why so many of our population are malnourished, even if they don’t know it, and why diseases rare in the pre-industrial revolution are now commonplace in today’s recent civilization.

The above mentioned benefits of the Goji Juice make it the perfect match for your good health. So Go ahead and give a try to Himalayan Goji Juice.

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May 26

Himalayan Goji berry Juice is one of popular health fruit juice which is frequently used in medical. Some medical studies have proven that this Goji juice has some excellent benefits for our body. Goji Berry Fruit is also frequently known as wolfberry, Lycium barbarum, gou qi zi or Fructus lycii. But, the most popular name is Goji Berries or Goji Berry. And the most admired Goji Berries is which comes from Himalayan regions (Himalayan Goji Berries), and the Himalayan Goji Juice is the most common form of Goji Berries consumption.

Health Benefits of Himalayan Goji Berry Juice
According to some specialist doctors, Goji Berry juice has good benefits for our health, here are:

  • Take away Fatigue
  • Better Athletic Performance
  • Increased Ability to Focus
  • Boosted Energy
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Decrease in Stress
  • Feeling Calmer
  • Sharper Mental Acuity
  • Feeling Healthier
  • Easier Ability to Wake Up
  • Bowel Regularity
  • Feeling Happier
  • Feeling More Satisfied

These are only some of Himalayan Goji Berry Juice Benefits. That means, by consuming the Goji juice or all of supplements which contain Goji Berries our body will receive all of the benefits above.

There have been quite a few test tube studies that demonstrate that Goji Berry Juice contains antioxidants and that goji extracts may prevent the development of cancer cells, reduce blood glucose, and lower cholesterol levels. However, that doesn’t necessary mean that Goji berries will have the same benefits when taken as a juice or tea.

Himalayan Goji Juice is a good dietary supplement. It really works in our body. By drinking the Himalayan Goji Juice it’s so good for our health and overall wellbeing.

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May 18

If you are foreign to the Goji Berry or Goji Juice and would like to gain knowledge about Goji berries, including uses and harvesting information we advise that you have a tour of http://www.gojijuiceinfo.org/

This comprehensive online inventory is for Himalayan USDA Certified Organic Goji berries and Himalayan Goji Juice. Please be sure to visit this store for other Goji berry information and options. Be sure to add us to your most wanted online stores and check back frequently as we get new things in all the time!

The Goji berry plant is known the world over by many different names including Lycium barbarum, Wolfberry, Red Medlar, Bocksdorn, Cambronera, Duke of Argyll’s Tea Tree, gou qi zi, Fructus lycii and Matrimony Vine. Goji berries are harvested in many regions of Asia, including Western China, Mongolia, Tibet, and the Himalayan area. Westerners have only just now discovered the goji berry plant, and there is much impatience in health circles these days of its huge health and nutritional effects.

Health Benefits, Goji berry juice is reported to have 18 Amino acids (six times higher than bee pollen), more Beta Carotene than carrots, more Iron than spinach, and 21 Trace Minerals. Goji juice also contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, and Vitamin E (seldom found in fruits). The Goji Berry juice also contains more Vitamin C by weight than oranges. Goji berries or Goji juice products are 13% protein! This bright red berry also includes many complex compounds, and phytonutrients, which explains in part, the far-fetched health benefits being practiced by people these days. The Goji Juice also contains tremendously high levels of antioxidants. It is quite possibly the highest antioxidant food on ground.

Tibetan Medication, Goji Berries have been used in Tibet for no less than 1,700 years. Tibetan remedy includes Goji berries in the treatment of kidney and liver disorders. Goji juice is also used in Tibet to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and purify the blood. Goji Berries and Goji berry juices have a long history of applications in the cure of eye problems, skin rashes, psoriasis, allergies, insomnia, chronic liver disease, diabetes and tuberculosis. Goji Berry juice is also used by the natives of Tibet to increase endurance and as a general health growth tonic.

Modern science has exposed that this bright red Goji berry juice not only contains very high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, but also includes many distinctive photochemicals, polysaccharides, and complex compounds that scientists are just beginning to be aware of.

Goji Berry Juice contains the following complex compounds: Betaine, which is used by the liver to manufacture Choline, a compound that calms anxiety, improves memory, supports muscle growth, and defends against fatty liver ailment. Physalin, which is active against all main types of leukemia. It has also been used as a cure for hepatitis B. Solavetivone, a potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compound. Beta-Sitosterol, an anti-inflammatory agent, It has been used to take care of sexual incapacity and prostate improvement. It also reduces cholesterol. Cyperone, a sesquiterpene that promotes the healthy heart and blood pressure. It has also been used in the cure of cervical cancer. The Goji Berry Juice is also being called the world’s most potent anti-aging food.  Goji juice is ranked number one on the ORAC scale, which measures the antioxidant level in foods. It is a check developed by USDA researchers out of Tufts University in Boston.

As you can notice from the above, the Goji Berry Juice possesses an unrivaled ability to absorb damaging, free radicals that harass the body and contribute to the aging process and many ailments. Our bodies are always being attacked by these free radicals because of the air we inhale, the water we drink, the pesticides on our fruits and vegetables, the chemicals we clean with, the additives in our processed food, etc. Eating foods high in antioxidants is one way we can aid our bodies fight these free radicals.

Goji Berry Plants are easy to grow perennials (they come back yearly!). They will grow in almost any kind of soil, light-sandy, Medium-loamy, and heavy-clay, but they have a tendency to flower and fruit better in a well drained soil of modest quality. Goji Berry plants have a widespread root system and are very drought tolerant once established. Goji Berry plants favor full sun to partial shade, but plant them in full sun for the best Goji Berry production. Goji Berry plants can endure winters down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit and hot summers above 100 degrees. The Goji Berry grows as a bulky bush reaching 6-10 feet tall with vines that can get 12 feet long. Heavy pruning of the Goji Berry plant will keep this bush looking pleasant and will also aid it produce more tasty Goji Berries. In near the beginning of the summer this fine-looking plant is covered with diminutive purple and white trumpet shaped flowers. Goji berry plants can add beautiful color to any scene. In delayed summer these pretty little flowers are followed by glossy, bright red Goji Berries. The Goji berry plant continues to flower and produce Goji Berries right up until the first heavy frost. The fresh Goji berries are extremely juicy and sweet that can be consumed uncooked, fresh or dried. The leaves of the Goji berry plant nicknamed as matrimony wine or youthful tea can be used in salads and drinks. The Goji Berry can be grown at homes if given adequate light. Goji Berries can be grown under a strong, full spectrum, mock light or they can be set by a window that gets straight sunlight for at least 8 hours daily.

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May 07

The Goji berry is a local grown offspring to Central Asia, usually found in distant regions of Himalayas. For centuries natives of these regions have well known secrets which these little Goji berries hold. It wasn’t until not long ago which a Western world has come to praise Goji berries and Goji juice, some-more so Goji Juice as a autarchic source of full of illness antioxidants necessary for a body to duty to a many appropriate of a ability.

The Goji berry was early detected by Buddhist priests in a piece of Tibet as well as has been used for centuries to defend bodies full of illness ardor source. Buddhists as we might already know have been vegetarians as well as thus obtain many of their every day ardor needs from ripened offspring as well as vegetables, Goji berry being a single of them. It is in reality a core idea of Buddhist monks which a food they consume unforeseen event continually be full of illness as well as nutritious, thus Goji berry and Goji juice was as well as still is used up outright continually in Buddhist monasteries.

Therefore we have to ask you a query, if an explanation has been excessive Goji juice via many centuries as well as have relied so heavily upon an ardor production, mustn’t it be alright for me?

What researchers have been finding, in tranquil medical studies, is amazing. If a recovering energy as well as reason up fluctuating properties which Goji juice reason up to methodical inspection as well as can be fake as well as validated, illnesses such as cancer, tuberculosis, defense deficiencies, heart disease, hypertension, tall cholesterol, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness as well as some-more will take a thespian spin for a better.

What does a study upon Goji Juice tell us?

In 1992, a Journal of a Beijing Medical University reported which in their studies, Goji juice marked down antibodies compared with allergic reactions as well as another histamine-related syndromes identical to psoriasis. Anti-aging studies conducted by Dr. J. Zhang in 1993 were potential; Goji juice contains an absolute secretagogue, a piece which acts upon a pituitary gland to holdup an aging process. In studies with aged people, researchers found which subjects reported beneficial changes in power, avid libido, softened nap as well as craving, as well as were lessening receptive to disease.

In multiform conditions such as lupus, arthritis as well as alternative diseases, study has resolved which Goji juice neutralizes sure enzymes which broaden earthy pain. Other areas where Goji juice is pronounced to have improvements in there cardiovascular functions, liver function, improvements in vision, as well as gastric chaos ensuing from marked down go through activity.

The many radiant partial of these studies endangered properties of Goji juice in cancer impediment as well as cure. Administration of Goji berry juice to exam subjects constructed clever development growth inhibitors which marked down an active widespread of cancer via a body. The Goji juice appears to be a useful addition to prevent liver cancer due to medicine actions upon a liver as well as stopping repairs as well as ailment.

In 1994 a medical hearing during Second Military Medical University in Shanghai which supposing subjects with the Goji juice as well as a anti-cancer drug LAK/IL-2 showed alleviated diagnosis formula than when a drug was used alone. Seventy-nine subjects showed astonishing as well as astonishing retrogression of cancer. Further investigate in Middle East confirmed identical retrogression in patients with dangerous melanoma, renal cancer, colon cancer, as well as lung cancer. Researchers did a math as well as found which between patients regulating a drug prolonged by Goji juice, had a sure response rate of 40.9% as against to 16.1% of patients who perceived usually a drug.

For a little time to come some-more study will be conducted upon a altogether benefits of the Goji Berry juice due to a reality which there is no plain causal justification which these improvements in disease have been without delay associated to a expenditure of Goji juice, however there is a single thing definite, it can’t damage to try a things out!

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Apr 23

For 1,000’s of years Goji berries have been consumed by the Tibetan Himalayan populace for their healing and anti-aging properties, as well as being highly praised by various nutritional experts and medical studies as probably being the healthiest food source on Earth. A good quality Goji Juice, not like most other Goji juices, employs the entire Goji berry by implementing a proprietary extraction and juicing technique that preserves the skin, fiber, and seed of the Goji Berry, usually filtered out through traditional extracting techniques. Because of this, such highly concentrated Goji Juice has far more nutritional power than most, if not all, of the other Goji juice supplements on the marketplace. In addition, this Goji Juice is equipped with some other health saving ingredients such as Lycopene, a potent Carotenoid richly found in tomatoes that boost the antioxidants to levels off the charts! Lycopene in lab tests has been exposed to have about 100 times the antioxidant levels of Vitamin E. Moreover, USDA statistics point out that one ounce of a good Goji Juice includes more Lycopene than 50 medium-sized tomatoes, or 2 ½ gallons of cherry tomatoes.

The Goji berry Juice benefits are awesome and often thought to be out of this word; some of these Goji Juice benefits are:

  • The Goji Berries used in a pure Goji juice are handpicked at the peak of readiness to ensure best nutritional strength so you obtain the most nutrition out of our Goji juice.
  • Goji juice has all natural ingredients of the raw Goji berries.
  • Goji juice is eagerly absorbable.
  • Goji Juice is an energy level booster
  • Goji juice promotes mood and self-esteem enhancement
  • Goji juice helps cure cravings for sweets
  • Goji juice aids with dry skin
  • Goji juice helps persuade more restful sleep due to menopause
  • Goji juice helps develop melatonin levels
  • Goji juice facilitates Athletes with improved performance, stamina, and recovery.
  • Goji juice promotes weight loss and libido improvement.
  • Goji juice develops general metabolism
  • Goji juice has great anti aging properties
  • Goji juice is rich in naturally occurring minerals (Zinc, Calcium, Germanium, Selenium, Phosphorus, Copper and Iron).
  • Goji juice also holds 4 unique polysaccharides and phytonutrients compounds act as transmitters with instructions to our cells to converse with one another. The “master hormones” command and control many of the body’s most key defense systems, thus encouraging general good health.

The Goji berries used in the Goji juice come from the lower Himalayas. Some huge manufacturers import these Goji berries so they can retain strict quality control and assure every Goji berry that goes into the Goji juice is of the highest quality.

Nutritional Properties of the Goji Berry Juice:

  • 19 amino acids, 6 times more than Bee Pollen
  • 21 trace minerals, including Germanium
  • 6 essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C, E
  • More beta carotene than carrots
  • More antioxidant power than any other known food source
  • 500 times more Vitamin C than oranges
  • 4 Unique Polysaccharides (Master Molecules) found in no other food source
  • More antioxidants than any other known food source
  • Linoleic acid, which significantly promotes body fat loss
  • 15 times more nutritional iron than spinach

Goji Berry Juice is often a popular preference among active people that would still like to live health. All it takes is 1 to 2oz daily to achieve the benefits that the Goji juice has to propose. Another benefit to the Goji juice is that you can drink it any time of the day. It is best if you make a custom of it so you don’t disregard to take it, but if you overlook, it will not affect the power of Goji juice.

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Apr 16

If you have not at all had the enjoyment of tasting Goji Juice, not only are you missing out on a great fruit juice, but also all of the health benefits that walk off with the Goji juice. It doesn’t matter which Goji Juice product you are seeking, because whatever it is, retail, or even wholesale, Goji Juice. There are many good Goji juice supplements that have exactly what you mostly looking for in a healthy drink.

The best quality Goji Berry Juice is made from Goji Berries which are naturally grown and directly imported from their native birth land. These are the finest Goji berries that come from the Lycium Barbarum which is the most nourishing of all the varieties of the Goji Berry. These Goji Berries are used to make Goji juice after they are at their peak to guarantee their quality of ripeness as well as their delicious sweetness. These Goji berries that are grown in pollution-free valleys of the Himalayas and they can be imported in bulk.

Why one should  waste his time drinking or eating nasty foods that are supposed to offer your body with nutrition when you can find everything that you need in a power filled and great tasting Goji Berry juice. The Goji Berry Juice Product is believed to be one of the most nutritious food sources in US. There are many pills that people are ready to take in order to preserve or progress their overall health. Improving your health can be accomplished by drinking the entirely natural Goji juice that nature has gifted the human beings. When Goji berries are eaten often or consumed in the form of the Goji juice, it has be observed that they aid reduce heart ailment, diabetes, Alzheimer’s illness, and many other illnesses and ailments that seem to be running out of control. As an easy option, if you do not like eating dried Goji berries, you can also get your every day dose by drinking the Goji Juice.

The Goji Berry Fruit Juice market carry a huge supply of different Goji Berry Products such as Dried Goji, 100% Goji Berry Juice, the also deliver other Goji berry products like Goji berry seeds to help you plant you own Goji berry trees. However the Goji berry juice is always ready to supply your entire Goji Berry needs, whether you want to buy 100% Goji Berry Juice, Dried Goji Berries, Goji Berry seeds, or anything that else that you might need having Goji berries,

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Mar 19

Goji Berries are typically borrowed from China and are first recognized generally in Himalayan areas. These Goji berries are now used as the crucial antioxidant plant well-known to cure many different diseases. These Goji berries grow up from eight to ten feet, bear small flowers with purple or blue colors and red fruits. The tiny Goji berries are sweet in flavor fruits and can be consumed whether uncooked, fresh or dried. Even the leaves of the Goji berry leaves can be very valuable for they can be consumed as an ingredient of salads and drinks. The Goji berry plants are famous to discard their leaves in the fall, woody perennials and very flexible. Goji berries need a lot of daylight and fancy climates that are warm and dry during summer but they can cultivate anywhere even moist climates. It is believed that the more the Goji berries are uncovered to sunlight, the more they allow fruits.

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Nov 17

It is a Himalayans Berry Juice that has lots of health benefits. Does anyone here drink Goji Juice? It is safe to drink for those children that have heart disease? I have heard it is fabulous but havent tried it. That stuff is expensive!

“The Himalayan Goji berry fruit is very good for health; it has been used for medical purpose for over a long period of time. Himalayan Goji juice is richest in nutrients and antioxidants. Goji berry fruit is included into the list of superfoods and have billion dollar market. Goji berry products are famous in the market by two names by Himalayan Goji berry and Tibetan Goji berry; it is because of the fact that Himalaya and Tibet are two places where world top class Goji berries are found. Like Acai berries, Goji berries are never found in fresh form, they are dried and exported where they are used to manufacture different Goji product like Goji juice.

There many Goji juice products in the market right now, but hardly anyone theses come with all the nutrients offered by the raw Goji. Most of the Goji juice manufacturers claim that their product is made by using the pure Himalayan Goji fruit, which is not true most of the time. The excessive or regular intake of Goji juice many cause some internal bleeding in some elderly women. Goji juices do need to have some substance at a certain level which is likely below the toxics.

Goji Juice can be given to Childerns; they must be habitual of taking 2 to 4 ounces of high quality standardized Goji juice daily with meals or before exercise or play activities. It makes their bones stronger and gives energy.

Goji juice is good for heart patients as well and it also aids in lowering high blood pressure.”

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