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Jul 13

The Goji Berries, native to the areas of Himalaya, have been used for over 6000 years for health and remedial throughout Himalaya, China and Mongolia. The Goji Berry is the Himalayan lycium and broadly regarded as the most potent of the lycium found all over Asia. Although quite new to the U.S. consumer, the Goji berry juice is quickly becoming one of the leading super-fruits juices. This is mostly due to the reality that Goji Juice packs a potent antioxidant nutrient punch. It has more beta-carotene than carrots; more antioxidants than blueberries; several B vitamins and Zeaxanthin. The Goji Berry which you will find almost exclusively here in the US in Juice or dried forms and resembles a red narrow raisin with a sweet sour taste. The monks and conventional medicinal practitioners in the East used the Goji Juice as one of its main healthy foods & teas for long life as well as for the following:

* Improve libido, fertility and sexual happiness
* Better immune function
* Increase blood flow
* Strengthen muscles
* Heal & protect the liver

There is a mass of Goji berry juice products and manufacturers out there making everything from Goji juice, health bars and powders to capsules, extracts and even chocolate bars mixed with the Goji berries in it. However, many are not using the Himalayan Goji berry which is also organic but instead an alternate type of lycium, a Chinese variety called the “wolfberry”, that is not pure Goji berry, not as nutrient opaque but often asserted as such and using the Goji berry name. The Himalayan Goji Juice has the most powerful nutrient value and is the real Goji juice  so be sure your getting pure and organic Himalayan Goji berry juice and not wolfberry or lycium barbarum variety.

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Jun 05

Goji Berry:
Although Goji Berries can be grown mostly anywhere, however it flourishes in China, Asia, India and Mongolia. Lately the UK has implemented the Goji bush as a showy plant. The main growing regions are the Himalayan Mountains and Tibetan area.

This Goji berry grows best in harsh, cold winters and hot, humid summers. Goji bushes also favor well-drained, yet moist, sandy soil with plenty of sunlight. The tiny, red Goji berries grow in drooping bunches of eight or ten from cone-shaped white and purple flowers.

The ancient Asian ethnic healers used the Goji Berry Juice along with other natural supplements, plants and herbs. Those who drank the Goji juice lived more than century long lives.

Tibet or Himalayan Goji Juice?

Tibetan Goji juice is extensively popular and as a result, consumers want to know how it compares to another wildly popular juice: Himalayan Goji juice.

Tibet goji juice is a good, solid juice that is nourishing, but it tends to have a slightly acidic taste. This is generally blamed on the growing and manufacturing conditions. However, any juice can have a bitter taste if the leaves and bark are processed into it during production. So, if you can get a Tibetan goji juice that is 100% pure goji berry extract, it would be in your good health.

Himalayan Goji Juice is mostly found in the Himalaya Mountain areas, hence the name. Because of the increasing demand for Himalayan Goji juice, the Goji berry bushes are not only grown on the mountains at present. The valleys and adjacent region are growing the Goji berry bush in large quantity to fill the high demand for the Goji juice.

When you are considering the Goji juice, whether it is Himalayan or Tibet, you should ensure it is preservative and chemical free with no artificial additives. Added fruit juices are acceptable; many Goji berry juice brands are blended to improve the taste. However, you want a much greater percentage of the pure Goji juice than anything else—most likely at least eighty to ninety percent of the real Goji Juice.

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